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Ranking The Star Trek TV Series

Star Trek- Enterprise Season 2 Blu-rayStar Trek- Deep Space NineStar Trek- The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-ray

With “Star Trek” celebrating its 50th anniversary, it felt like the appropriate time to look back at all of the “Star Trek” series (excluding 2017’s “Star Trek: Discovery” of course). Even though there are only 6 series thus far, it was a tough task to rank the top 3 as they are all bonafide classics. I could change my mind tomorrow, but as of right now, this is how the ranking sits. Time to beam up the list! Continue reading

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Top 10 Favorite TV Series Of All Time

MST3K Volume XXIX DVDDoctor Who Series 8 Blu-rayThe Twilight Zone Season 2 Blu-ray

For this week’s list, I have attempted something that proved rather difficult. I have compiled a list of my 10 favorite TV series of all time. Now, I realize the list is heavy with sci-fi series, but what can you do? These are the shows that resonated with me the most. On with the list! Continue reading

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