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Frankenstein (2015) DVD Review

Frankenstein DVD

“Frankenstein” is a not so subtle modern retelling of the classic story. Continue reading

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Intruders DVD Review

Intruders DVD

“Intruders” is a perplexing horror-thriller. Continue reading

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Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales DVD Review

Lego Star Wars- Droid Tales DVD

“Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales” is a fun-filled series. Continue reading

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The Hudsucker Proxy Blu-ray Review

The Hudsucker Proxy Blu-ray

“The Hudsucker Proxy” gets better with age. Continue reading

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I Smile Back DVD Review

I Smile Back DVD

Not even Sarah Silverman can save “I Smile Back.” Continue reading

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Top 10 Academy Awards Best Picture Winners

The Apartment Blu-rayThe GodfatherRocky

With the Oscars set to air on Sunday, the Super Bowl for movie geeks is obviously on my mind at the moment. However maddening, controversial, and self-serving as the Oscars may be at times, at the end of the day, it is still a celebration of cinema that inspires intelligent conversations and debates about the art of motion pictures.

Now, it’s no secret that the Best Picture winners are sometimes anything but. A lot of winners have faded from the public eye (“Tom Jones” and “A Beautiful Mind” come to mind), some winners are truly baffling (“Crash”??), a few films were robbed of the award (“Pulp Fiction,” “Star Wars,” and “Citizen Kane”), and there are many instances in which the best films didn’t even get nominated for Best Picture (1933’s “King Kong,” “The Dark Knight,” and much more). With all of that said, sometimes the Academy gets it right and that’s what this top 10 list is about. Continue reading

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Life DVD Review

Life DVD

Dane DeHaan makes “Life” worth watching. Continue reading

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Sankarea: Undying Love- The Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD Review

Sankarea- Undying Love-The Complete Series Blu-ray

“Sankarea: Undying Love” has much to admire and dislike. Continue reading

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Mr. And Mrs. Smith DVD Review

Mr. And Mrs. Smith DVD

“Mr. And Mrs. Smith” is lesser Hitchcock. Continue reading

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Top 10 Movie Remakes

The Thing                                    The Fly

Whenever the word “remake” pops up, it’s hard not to groan. After all, most remakes are needless and pointless cash grabs that pale in comparison to the original (I’m looking at you “Halloween” and “Planet of the Apes”). With that said, there are some remakes that do stand out and, in some cases, are even an improvement over the original. This list is a tribute to those films. Continue reading

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