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The Informant! Blu-Ray

As the cover states, “Matt Damon is The Informant”, a sly comedy with another brilliant performance from Damon.  Having conquered the action thriller, Damon turns to witty comedy in this true tale of Mark Whitacre, the highest ranking corporate whistleblower in U.S. history.  Whitacre contacts the FBI about price fixing in the corn industry, which sends in FBI agent (Scott Bakula) to investigate.  Bakula convinces Whitacre to start recording the deals that are to be made  but soon discovers there is a lot more to the story then Whitacre has told him.  The comedy of this film builds as we discover bit by bit what Whitacre and others are up to.   The comedy is subtle but witty and this film will stand up to more than a few viewings. Continue reading


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Law Abiding Citizen Blu-Ray

Jamie Fox and Gerard Butler match wits in this taut drama about one man’s quest for justice after a brutal attack on his family.  Butler plays a man who has waited for the justice system to produce results with young, D.A. Jamie Fox,  but Fox makes a deal with one of the criminals to further his stature that lets the guy go free after only 5 years.  Butler, an electronic genius, takes the law into his own hands to avenge the crimes made against his family. Continue reading

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Cinematic Titanic Live: The Alien Factor DVD Review

With their second live DVD release, the Cinematic Titanic gang once again proves that live is better. Continue reading

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Soul Eater Part 1 and Rin- Daughters Of Mnemosyne- The Complete Series DVD Reviews


“Soul Eater” and “Rin- Daughters Of Mnemosyne” are both creative and engaging anime series. Continue reading

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Dragon Ball Z- Dragon Box Volume 2 DVD Review

DBZ fans wil be absolutely delighted by the second Dragon Box. Continue reading

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The Last King Of Scotland Blu-ray Review

Great performances by Whitaker and McAvoy make “The Last King Of Scotland” worth watching. Continue reading

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Halo Legends and Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Blu-ray Reviews


“Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths” is the best of the recent DC animated films.

Despite a few weak stories, “Halo Legends” will appeal to fans of the Microsoft video game franchise. Continue reading

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The Life And Times Of Tim Season 1 DVD Review

“The Life And Times Of Tim” is the funniest show on television. Continue reading

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Glee, Vol. 1: Road to Sectionals (DVD Review)

Content Grade: B+
Extras Grade: B

US Release Date: 29 December 2009
Not Rated

When the pilot episode premiered months before the show’s actual season would get underway – scheduled to coincide with the “AMERICAN IDOL” finale and pull in what studio execs may have assumed would be its core audience – it was unclear whether “GLEE” would be the musical dramedy that could succeed where others couldn’t.  (“VIVA LAUGHLIN” or “COP ROCK”, anyone?)  But a bajillion* downloads of “Don’t Stop Believin’” and 13 episodes later, and it seems creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy (“NIP/TUCK”) has found the magic formula.

“GLEE” follows a misfit group of high school kids who come together when high school Spanish teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) takes the reins of the defunct glee club.  The musical numbers (ranging from classic rock to hip-hop to country to Broadway and back again) are slickly produced, but not overly so; and I dare you to not have one song or another stuck in a giddy loop in your head after watching just one episode.  But it’s the broad strokes and the slowly revealed intricate details of the cast of characters that keeps you coming back and, most importantly, takes the song bursts past gimmick and plants them firmly into the category of storytelling device. Continue reading

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The Battle of Chile (Icarus Films)

In 1973, with the presidency of Salvador Allende facing fierce opposition from a variety of right-wing factions and outside forces, Patricio Guzmán and a skeleton film crew took their cameras the streets, factories and government buildings of Chile and recorded history as it happened. Only a few months later, Allende was dead, Augusto Pinochet took his place, and Guzmán was forced to flee to Cuba with his film stock to complete the most arresting piece of cinéma vérité ever created: The Battle Of Chile.

Continue reading

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