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The Life And Times Of Tim Season 1 DVD Review

“The Life And Times Of Tim” is the funniest show on television.The premise: At first glance, Tim seems like a normal guy. He works an office job, has a girlfriend, etc. However, Tim’s life turns out to be anything but normal as he is constantly saying the wrong thing, ruining people’s lives (like a Priest and a recovering alcoholic), and generally making bad situations even worse if he tries to help. Of course, his friends (namely Stu) don’t exactly do Tim any favors as they easily shove him into problematic situations at times as well. In the 10 episode season 1, we are essentially introduced to the painfully awkward, but funny life of Tim. Episode plots involve Tim helping a mugger, Tim insulting a baby, and Tim going on a business trip.

Despite the funky looking animation, “The Life And Times Of Tim” is a surprising and flat-out funny show. Steve Dildarian, who created, wrote, produced and voiced ‘Tim,’ seemingly does it all here and he deserves much praise for his work. He’s created a unique and simple show about the absurdity of life and the hardships one encounters and he’s managed to make it amusing. What’s strange is that, under different hands, this could very well be a tragic dramatic series about a character who can’t seem to get out of bed without causing an incident. It’s clear that Dildarian wants audiences to see that you can find humor in almost any situation and he greatly succeeds in doing so.

The only issue I have with ‘Tim’ is that the stories do suffer from repetition, but that doesn’t really hurt the show overall. Every episode still manages to deliver a bundle of laughs which is more than I can say for almost any sitcom on the tube these days.

Summary: If you’re looking for a different sort of comedy, I highly recommend ‘Tim.’ If you are already a fan of the series, be sure to check out the premiere of season two tomorrow (Feb. 19, 2010) on HBO.

Again, the animation is not high quality, but it looks as good as it possibly can on this DVD set. The show is presented in widescreen.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 contains clear music and voice work which is all you can ask of an animated series.

Extras include 10 short awkward segments involving Tim’s workplace and boss, a doctor visit, etc. The best short involves Tim on an airplane.

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