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Revenge DVD Review


“Revenge” is deeply flawed, but admirable. Continue reading

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City Slickers: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review


“City Slickers” is a 90’s classic. Continue reading

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Jubal Blu-ray Review

Jubal Blu-ray

“Jubal” is an admirable, but flawed western. Continue reading

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Django Unchained Blu-ray Review

Django Unchained Blu-ray

“Django Unchained” is almost great. Continue reading

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Deadwood- The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

Distracting writing hampers “Deadwood”. Continue reading

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Have Gun Will Travel: Season Four, Vol. 2

“Have Gun Will Travel” starred Richard Boone as Paladin, a gentleman/gunfighter who lived in the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco and acccepted jobs that took him to frontier towns.  The series is legendary and sophisticated for its time, tackling themes that were very controversial for its time. Boone cemented his stardom playing the black outfitted gunslinger who would rather settle things peacefully but would fight with fury if needed, carrying a hidden derringer in his belt and his trademark chess piece calling card, which he managed to flash in just about every episode. Continue reading

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Louis L’Amour Western Collection

louislamourcollThis three feature set from Warner is a mixed bag.  The stories are solid L’Amour adaptations, with big stars; Tom Selleck, Glenn Ford, Sam Elliot, Katherine Ross, Yul Brenner, Richard Crenna,Leonard Nimoy, Gilbert Roland, Ruth Roman and great western character actors Slim Pickens, Jack Elam and Gene Evans.  Two of the three films were originally produced for television by TNT; “The Sacketts” as a mini series, “Conagher” as a television movie and “Catlow”, which was made in the early 70’s as a feature film.  L’Amour introduces both “The Sacketts” and “Conagher.” Continue reading

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