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Ranking The James Bond Actors

B B1

As the wait for “No Time To Die” lingers on, I thought I’d kill some time by ranking the 6 James Bond actors. In case you are wondering, yes, I will eventually rank all of the Bond films as well, but that will be closer to the release of the new movie. Anyway, on with the list! Continue reading

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Final Score Blu-ray Review


“Final Score” is more entertaining than you might expect. Continue reading

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I.T. Blu-ray Review


“I.T.” is nothing you haven’t seen before. Continue reading

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No Escape Blu-ray Review

No Escape Blu-ray

“No Escape” is an intense, but tedious thriller. Continue reading

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Survivor Blu-ray Review

Survivor Blu-ray

“Survivor” is a watchable, but uninspired thriller. Continue reading

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A Long Way Down Blu-ray Review

A Long Way Down Blu-ray

“A Long Way Down” feels forced from the get go. Continue reading

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Disney Nature:Oceans Blu-Ray

Disney’s Nature series features another excellent HD presentation by filmmakers Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, who previously gave us “Winged Migration”.  The hour and a half documentary captures all the beauty of ocean life, with some amazing footage and new camera techniques and technology (the torpedo camera) that lets viewers experience animal life as never before.  Pierce Brosnan does the narration, which is a bit bland but has some good advice, especially for younger viewers, without being heavy handed.  Throwing off the mythology of the “Disney” film, there is bloodshed (shark eating sea lion footage) but for the most part, this film is a celebration of life in the ocean. Man’s impact is also shown through shots of various types of pollution but once again, without being overly preachy.

The blu-ray/dvd set includes some sophisticated extras, picture in picture commentary (presented as regular extras on the dvd), some featurettes on its making, and even a Disney Live  feature that presents the current date, time and temperature in the main menu.  Another great feature is an interactive feature (Living Planet) from the main menu that allows you to use your remote to go to different areas of the globe for further investigation. Of course, there is a music video from Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, plus a plug on how Disney is caring about nature. Its a nice extra features package.

Disney’s Nature Oceans  features absolutely breathtaking photography, better than usual nature narration, plus a lot of extra, useful features. This disc is a winner, once again making a great show off disc for home theater systems.

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