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Final Score Blu-ray Review


“Final Score” is more entertaining than you might expect.

In “Final Score,” an American war veteran (Michael) visits the family of a friend/fallen soldier in London. Michael takes the daughter (Danni) to a Euro Cup football match, but it turns into a nightmare when a former Sokovia (no apparent relation to the fictional Marvel country) revolutionary named Arkady and his minions hijack the stadium, lock it down, cut the phone lines, plant bombs, and try to find a specific individual (no spoilers here). To make matters worse, Danni winds up getting in trouble with Arkady and company. With the help of a security guard (Faisal) and the police, Michael has to try and save Danni and stop the terrorists from carrying out their sick plan.

There’s nothing original about “Final Score.” The race against time action-thriller is basically a cross between “Die Hard” and 1977’s “Black Sunday” only the movie is nowhere near as sharp as those two. In fact, this movie really shouldn’t work at all with the blaring bad music, shaky cam cinematography, a severe lack of characterization, and a mountain of plot holes (the less you analyze the ridiculous story the better). Despite the numerous flaws, however, “Final Score” turns out to a better than expected action vehicle for Dave Bautista.

Having seen and reviewed countless made for home video action movies with big stars that were specifically made for a global audience, I can firmly state that “Final Score” stands tall above most. Not only are there some quality production values here, but there’s some legitimately good action here. The kitchen fight sequence and the motorbike chase sequences in particular are just as thrilling as anything you’d see in a modern Hollywood movie. The film’s setting at the Boleyn Ground stadium (the former home of football club West Ham United) also proves to be a fun playground for an action movie. The production crew really takes full advantage of this setting using so many parts of the stadium throughout the runtime.

It doesn’t hurt that “Final Score” has some star power here. Dave Bautista (who is becoming a bigger and bigger movie star) really seems to be having a blast being the action hero here. Ray Stevenson (who plays Arkady) also fully commits to his villainous role. The only actor who doesn’t seem like he is invested is Pierce Brosnan. I won’t spoil his role, but he’s barely in it, looks extremely bored in every frame, and sports a really bad Russian accent to boot. While not a known name, I have to give props to Amit Shah who steals the show as the security guard Faisal. He may be the comedic relief sidekick, but he plays well off of everyone in the film and gets to be a hero in his own right.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Despite the cinematography issues, this is a quality hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The levels are a bit uneven here. The action is nice and loud, but the quieter dialogue moments sounded a bit too low for my liking.


* Digital copy
* Lionsgate trailers
* 6 minutes of deleted scenes
* “Setting The Final Score”- A standard featurette with interviews, set footage, and character and story discussions.
* An informative commentary by Scott Mann, Jonathan Frank, Rob Hall and Amit Shah.

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