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Scarlet Diva Blu-ray Review


“Scarlet Diva” is an amateurish film.

Asia Argento writes, directs, and stars in this 2000 semi-autobiographical film about an actress named Anna Battista. The film doesn’t contain a traditional narrative and is instead a more free flowing story about Anna’s life. Among the topics that are explored here are stardom, sex, loneliness, fans, drugs, careers, pregnancy, childhood, hallucinations, love and sexual predators.

Despite having a raw almost documentary approach, “Scarlet Diva” is all over the place. It’s clear that this is a very personal film for Asia Argento as she bravely puts her life on screen, but the arty and frequently self-indulgent film definitely feels like the work of a first time filmmaker (it was Asia’s feature length directorial debut). It’s a shame because there is certainly no shortage of subjects that could have been explored in more depth (especially with the fly-on-the-wall esque style). Alas, the topics that are explored here are merely touched upon as it skips from one moment of her life to the next.

Even if the film is a bit of a mess, Asia Argento herself really deserves credit for such a strong, bold performance. It takes courage to be so vulnerable on screen by essentially sharing your inner demons with the world. It’s even more impressive when she has to carry the movie every second of the way. Yes, there are some supporting players here, but they are just that. It is Argento who has to make this movie come alive in virtually every respect.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? It’s not the most visual movie but this digital restoration provides a crisp transfer.

Audio Track: Italian 2.0 Stereo. How does it sound? A fine Mono track. Note: The audio is also in English and French.


* A booklet containing credits, photos, and an essay by author/programmer/writer Kier-La Janisse.
* Film Movement trailers
* 2 promos and a trailer for “Scarlet Diva.”
* An archival interview with Asia Argento about the film.
* “Making of Scarlet Diva” contains interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.
* “Looking Into The Eye Of The Cyclops With Joe Coleman”- An interview with the painter Joe Coleman who has a role in the film.
* 2 insightful commentary tracks- one for the original release and a new 2018 one both by Asia Argento. It’s interesting to hear her thoughts then and now.

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