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Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3 Blu-ray Review


You can’t go wrong with Pixar shorts.

Short films have always been a great tradition for Pixar and Disney and it’s one I hope that will continue for many years to come. Not only is it a thrill to see new talent get the spotlight here in terms of filmmakers, but it’s also keeping theatrical short form storytelling alive. In this third volume set, it should come as no surprise that you get to watch heartwarming and award-winning content. Sure, a few of the shorts don’t quite land, but the majority make an impression. So, what all is on this set? Let me break it down for you.

“Bao”- The newest Pixar short has puzzled some viewers with the living dumpling aspect, but it’s actually a rather touching metaphorical story about a Chinese-Canadian mother who is feeling about a bit empty that her son has left the nest as it were.

“Lou”- This is another strange short about a living lost and found box that teaches an unruly kid a lesson. As odd as it is, it is, once again, touching in the end. Pixar always excels at tugging at the heart strings.

“Piper”- The crown jewel of this set. This short about a baby sandpiper bird will absolutely warm your soul.

“Sanjay’s Super Team”- This one actually feels like it could have been a feature film. It revolves around a young superhero loving Indian-American boy named Sanjay who is bothering his religious father while he meditates. Sanjay is eventually coaxed into meditating as well and finds himself being transported (figuratively or literally?) into a scenario in which he and the Hindu Gods fight Ravana. In the end, Sanjay and his father find a happy medium. It’s a really sweet story about religion, father-son bonding, imagination, and superheroes.

“Riley’s First Date”- In this fantastic extension of “Inside Out,” the character of Riley does what the title suggests- goes out on a date. It’s more of what you love from the movie.

“Lava”- This short about a lonely volcano received a lot of flak upon release. Admittedly, it is a rather goofy story that doesn’t quite feel up to Pixar standards, but it’s still worth a watch for the eye-popping animation alone.

“The Radiator Springs 500 ½”- This is a short from the “Tales From Radiator Springs” toon. In this adventure, Lightning McQueen races some outsider car troublemakers who disrespect Radiator Springs and challenge McQueen to a race. There’s not much to this one. It is what it is. You get to see your favorite “Cars” characters, there are some really bad pun jokes, but there’s also stunning animation and a fun off the beaten path race element.

“Party Central”- A “Monsters University” tie-in in which Mike and Sully try to get party goers to their fraternity party. “Monsters University” is one of my least favorite Pixar films and this is essentially a deleted segment from that.

“The Blue Umbrella”- A cute romantic story about a blue and red umbrella (and the people that hold them). The breathtaking almost photo realistic animation makes this one a real visual treat.

“The Legend of Mor’Du”- A “Brave” short which reveals the tragic backstory of a power hungry Prince who fights his own brothers out of sheer greed. A fine companion piece to the rather overlooked Pixar film.

“Partysaurus Rex”- A “Toy Story” centric short in which Rex has a party with bathtub toys. I can never get enough of these characters and this world. “Toy Story 4” can’t come soon enough.


Presentation: Widescreen 1080p. How does it look? There’s a major difference between the DVDs and Blu-rays when it comes to animation and that is especially evident here. The bright colors and the level of detail on the hi-def transfers are exquisite.

Audio Track: 7.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? There are a lot of dialogue free moments in these shorts, but you’re still getting top notch audio.

Extras: * DVD copy * Digital copy * Disney trailers * 2 Mini-movies titled “Marine Life Interviews” (characters being interviewed about Dory in a “Creature Comforts” esque manner) and “Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool” (a “Cars” universe short). ‘Marine’ has optional commentary by Ross Haldane Stevenson and Bob Roath while ‘Fritter’ has an optional commentary by Jim Murphy and Marc Sondheimer. * Each short is accompanied by an introduction by the director as well as a commentary track. Commentators include Domee Shi, Rona Liu and Becky Neiman-Cobb for “Bao,” Dave Mullins, Dana Murray and Tony Greenburg for “Lou,” Alan Barillaro and Sarah Reimers for “Piper,” “Sanjay Patel and Nicole Grindle for “Sanjay’s Super Team,” Josh Cooley and Mark Nielsen on “Riley’s First Date?,” Jim Murphy and Andrea Warren on “Lava,” Scott Morse and Robun Bullock on “The Radiator Springs 500 ½,” Kelsey Mann on “Party Central,” Saschka Unseld, Brian Boyd and Chris Burrows on “The Blue Umbrella,” Brian Larsen and Steve Purcell on “The Legend of Mor’Du,” and Mark Walsh on “Partysaurus Rex.” * A featurette on the making of “Bao.” * “Caricatrue: A Horrible Way Of Saying I Love You”- A featurette on caricature art.

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