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Law Abiding Citizen Blu-Ray

Jamie Fox and Gerard Butler match wits in this taut drama about one man’s quest for justice after a brutal attack on his family.  Butler plays a man who has waited for the justice system to produce results with young, D.A. Jamie Fox,  but Fox makes a deal with one of the criminals to further his stature that lets the guy go free after only 5 years.  Butler, an electronic genius, takes the law into his own hands to avenge the crimes made against his family.

While you can compare some of the plot to “Taken”, Butler’s character is a bit over the edge in his schemes; and when he starts to kill everyone involved in the criminal case (not just the guy who committed the crime) you lose sympathy for him.  Still, Fox is not a hero, although the script makes him out to be, and he really does not feel comfortable in his role as a family man.  What really makes this one a rental film, is the ending; not very satisfying and much better endings could have made this a film to remember.

Extras include a short film about the Justice System and a series of short “making of” documentaries.  The disc set contains both an unrated directors cut that adds a few more minutes of footage, mostly gore scenes too intense for  an R rating, and also the original theatrical cut with commentary. No interactive features on the blu-ray disc.

While the action and schemes of Butler are clever and original, the ending wrecked this one for me.

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  1. This is why I read dvdcorner.net. Love the posts.

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