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The Informant! Blu-Ray

As the cover states, “Matt Damon is The Informant”, a sly comedy with another brilliant performance from Damon.  Having conquered the action thriller, Damon turns to witty comedy in this true tale of Mark Whitacre, the highest ranking corporate whistleblower in U.S. history.  Whitacre contacts the FBI about price fixing in the corn industry, which sends in FBI agent (Scott Bakula) to investigate.  Bakula convinces Whitacre to start recording the deals that are to be made  but soon discovers there is a lot more to the story then Whitacre has told him.  The comedy of this film builds as we discover bit by bit what Whitacre and others are up to.   The comedy is subtle but witty and this film will stand up to more than a few viewings.

The disc contains few extras, just commentary from director Steven Soderbergh(who worked with Damon in the “Ocean’s 11” series) and a small collection of additional scenes.  It ironic that Warner puts a trailer on at the beginning of the disc promoting their t interactive features of their blu-ray releases and this discs is a bare bones disc, which would easily fit on a regular dvd with room to spare.

“The Informant” is a fresh, original comedy you will appreciate and  will make you want to see it more than once.

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