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Intruders DVD Review

Intruders DVD

“Intruders” is a perplexing horror-thriller.

After her brother Conrad passes away, the agoraphobic Anna finds herself living alone now. Her solitude is short lived, however, when she encounters 3 home invaders who are looking for money. Although Anna has an opportunity to escape, she can’t leave because of her agoraphobia. Just when you think things are looking bad for poor Anna, she manages to turn the table on the intruders. Who will make it out alive? That would be telling.

For the first half of the movie (give or take), “Intruders” plays out like a standard home invasion thriller, but the movie soon turns into a horror-thriller after a big plot twist occurs. Truth be told, the fate of the movie really hinges on this twist. Does the twist work? That’s open for debate. I’m not even sure what I think of it. Granted, the surprise does open up the second half of the movie and prevents it from being altogether predictable, but it also feels forced and gimmicky. A movie shouldn’t rely solely on a twist to redeem it. It should feel organic and I’m not convinced it does.

One thing is for certain- the movie is well acted. Beth Riesgraf (of “Leverage” fame) shines as the lead character Anna, Rory Culkin delivers a sympathetic and interesting performance as Danny, and Martin Starr is particularly noteworthy here as the one of the nasty intruders (Perry).


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? A- worthy.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? This 5.1 track doesn’t have much to do. The score is minimal and the dialogue isn’t abundant, but the track still handles it all well.


* A short behind-the-scenes featurette containing film clips, interviews, and story discussions.
* A laidback commentary by Adam Schindler, Brian Netto, Erik Olsen, and Beth Riesgraf. Conversations include sound, the script, set stories, film festivals, the sets, and so on.
* Momentum Pictures trailers.

Overall Thoughts: “Intruders” is by no means a bad movie. It’s worth a rent, but your opinion of the film will likely rest on how you feel about the twist.



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  1. Nick, I am ready for a really scary movie. Is Intruders a movie you think I would like?

    Comment by Linda O'Donnell | February 29, 2016 | Reply

    • Probably not. It’s not particularly scary. I’d recommend The Strangers, Frozen (2010), The Mist, The Ring (2002), etc.

      Comment by nicklyons1 | February 29, 2016 | Reply

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