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“In Every Generation” Is Now Available

After Disney bought 20th Century Fox, many were left wondering about the future of the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” franchise. While future TV and or film projects are currently unknown, Disney Hyperion has released the first installment in a brand new ‘Buffy’ universe book series from author Kendare Blake titled “In Every Generation.” 

The plot revolves around a new character named Frankie Rosenberg who happens to be the daughter of Willow Rosenberg. She also happens to be a Slayer-Witch! The central story involves a disaster that occurs at a Slayer Convention which may or may not have claimed the lives of Slayers.

While there are plenty of new characters, old school fans needn’t worry as plenty of familiar faces from the original series do indeed appear here (I won’t spoil who). There may be some questionable creative choices present here (including Willow’s pregnancy), but ‘Generation’ manages to capture the flavor, humor, and atmosphere of ‘Buffy’ while propelling the franchise in exciting new directions. I’m sure fans will be eager for future novels once they finish this book and I’m sure fans will equally be happy to see new ‘Buffy’ content being released.

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Your Honor Season 1 Is Now Available On DVD

After “Breaking Bad,” many were left wondering what Bryan Cranston would do next in the live-action TV world. It’s been a few years since ‘Bad’ ended, but Cranston has returned with a new starring role in the 10 episode Showtime series called “Your Honor.” Alas, this one isn’t on the level of ‘Bad.’ The dark legal drama/crime drama/thriller is strangely similar to “Breaking Bad” in that it involves a character going down a dark path, crime, family, morality, and so on. This time around Cranston plays a New Orleans judge who covers up his son’s accident that claimed the life of the son of a local crime boss. Of course, there are other subplots involving the crime boss family and their eldest son Carlo, court cases, a blackmail, Adam having an affair with his teacher, etc. While tense, the series is all too familiar and features truly idiotic character actions that may drive viewers mad. Sure, Cranston gives another award worthy performance, but that can only take you so far. With all of that said, the series (which just got a 2nd season) will certainly appeal to fans of this genre of shows (along with Cranston fans). 

Presentation: 16:9

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Deleted scenes

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Supernatural Season 15 Is Out On Blu-ray And DVD Today!

Supernatural fans, Supernatural Family, Hunters, Cas Fans or whatever you like to call yourselves, this is it. This is the 15th and final season. Can the souls from Hell be vanquished from Earth? Will familiar faces from the past appear? How will the battle against God unfold? How does the show end? Who will live and will die? What will become of Sam and Dean Wichester? All of these questions and more are revealed in the 20 episode season which is now available on Blu-ray and DVD as of today May 25, 2021. Fans also have the option of picking up the complete series Blu-ray and DVD sets which are available today as well.


* Digital copy
* Deleted scenes
* Gag reel
* The retrospective “Supernatural: The Long Road Home”
* Supernatural 2019 San Diego Comic-Con Panel.
* “Winning Baby: A Supernatural Giveaway”- A look at the now iconic car and a replica giveaway of it that occurred.
* “Supernatural: The End Of The Road”- A featurette about wrapping up the series essentially.
* “Supernatural: Family Don’t End In Blood”- A featurette on the character and cast dynamics.
* “Winchester Mythology: Midwestern Heroes”- A featurette on the series origins and mythology.

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CBS DVD Round-Up

TV fans, take note! CBS has recently released 3 major TV titles to DVD with “Bull” season 4, “Penny Dreadful: City Of Angel” season 1, and “The Good Fight” season 4.

Continue reading

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The Affair and Madam Secretary Complete Series DVD Sets Are Now Available

Affair Madam

TV fans have a few new purchase options on the home video market with some major new releases from Paramount/CBS/Showtime.

First up, there is the complete series DVD set of the Showtime series “The Affair.” The award winning drama series dealt with the affair between a married father (Noah) and a diner waitress (Alison) and the impact it had on their respective marriages (Noah’s wife Helen and Alison’s husband Cole as well as the children both couples had). Of course, there’s more going on than just the affair and characters perspectives as there are plots involving birth, death, character journeys, relationships and a murder investigation in this five season spanning series. The series boasts a deeply talented cast comprised of Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson, Anna Paquin, and Emily Browning. The complete series set contains numerous featurettes and character profiles. If you already own the first 4 seasons you don’t need to worry as the fifth and final season has been given its own individual DVD release as well.

The 6 season CBS series “Madam Secretary” has also hit home video with a complete series DVD set and, of course, the 10 episode final season DVD release. The topical network political series initially deals with former CIA analyst Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni) becoming Secretary of State before running for President AND becoming the first female President in the sixth and final season. Extras in the complete series set include everything from commentaries and deleted scenes to featurettes and promos.

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Star Wars Is Now Available On 4K!


The home video event of the year has arrived. Prior to this week only “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” were available on 4K. Now, all 11 Star Wars films are finally available on 4K. Fans have a couple of options in how to purchase the films. Best Buy is currently offering up a massive box set that contains the entire Skywalker Saga for $249.99. The contents include “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones,” “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith,” “Star Wars: A New Hope,” “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back,” “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Unfortunately, “Rogue One: A Star Wars: Story” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” are not included in the set and would need to be purchased separately. Outside of the box set, you can purchase each of the 11 films individually. Alas, the original trilogy titles only includes the special edition versions and not the original cuts. Additionally, it should be noted that the box set contains a 3 disc version of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” This set doesn’t contain any new extras that haven’t been available before, it’s just a new reissue. At some point, this 3 disc set will be released on its own as well. Currently each individual title is going for $29.99 or more.

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The Last Ship Season 5 Is Now Available On Blu-ray And DVD!


This is it, folks. The fifth and final season of the hit TNT drama “The Last Ship” has just hit home video and now you can see how the series ends.

Season 5 (which is comprised of 10 episodes) offers up plenty of exciting new storylines including a new Navy, a cyber attack, an assassination, rebels, character deaths, a special squad called the Delta Team, and a major battle pitting the U.S. and its allies against the Gran Colombian Empire (led by Gustavo “Tavo” Barros) and his forces. Can the almighty ship the Nathan James and its crew that includes the heroic cast of main characters (ala Tom Chandler) save the day by land and by sea?

Presentation: Widescreen

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1


* “Inside The Last Ship” segments exploring Captain Kara’s Lab, the script to screen process, and the finale.
* “Tales From The Bridge”- 9 cast and crew reminisce about making the show over the course of 45 minutes.

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“Piercing” hits Blu-ray and DVD March 12, 2019!


Based on the novel by Ryū Murakami, “Piercing” is a horror-mystery film that had been written for the screen and directed by Nicolas Pesce. The story involves a depraved family/business man, a prostitute, and a murderous plot. I’m sure there is bound to be a few twists along the way as well. The movie stars Mia Wasikowska and Christopher Abbott.

“Piercing” is being released by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on Blu-ray and DVD on March 12, 2019.

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10 Most Anticipated Fall/Winter 2018 Films

Aquaman.jpg Creed.jpg Sus.jpg

Without a Marvel, Star Wars, or James Bond film coming to theaters, this fall feels strangely bare and low-key. With that said, the studios are still set to release plenty of promising looking Oscar worthy offerings, blockbusters, crowd pleasers and movies that will undoubtedly take audiences and critics by surprise. Below I have listed my personal list of the 10 most anticipated fall and winter films of 2018 in no particular order. On with the list! Continue reading

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Ranking The Mission: Impossible Films

3.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg

Having rewatched all of the films prior to the release of “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” (which is now in theaters), it was only a matter of time before I wrote up this list ranking all six M:I films. Yes, everyone and their mother is doing “Mission: Impossible” centric lists lately, but hey, now it’s my turn! Continue reading

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