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10 Most Anticipated Summer 2021 Movies

The summer movie season (which occurs from May to August) is right around the corner and this year there will actually be big movies in theaters and through various streaming platforms. Below I have listed the 10 most anticipated titles (in my opinion) in no particular order. Keep in mind the dates could change at any time and more titles could be added to the summer movie season. On with the list!

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10 Most Anticipated Films Of 2021

A cloud of uncertainty reigns over 2021 so this list could ultimately be rather pointless (much like the 2020 one). As of right now, Warner is planning on releasing their titles theatrically and on HBOMax so we all might be able to see some major releases at least. As for the titles going straight to theaters, who knows what the theatrical situation will be like. Heck, movie theaters haven’t been open where I live since March. At any rate, I have whipped up a list of the 10 films I am personally looking forward to the most in 2021.

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