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Godzilla Vs. Kong 4K Review

“Godzilla Vs. Kong” delivers.

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Ranking The MonsterVerse Movies

Now that “Godzilla Vs. Kong” has been released, it felt like the right time to rank the Legendary MonsterVerse movies. At the time of this posting, it’s unclear what is next for the MonsterVerse, but given the monster box office for GVK, it’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing more movies in the future (maybe a “Pacific Rim” crossover?). Below I have listed my personal ranking of the four MonsterVerse films from best to least favorite.

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What’s Being Released In March 2021?

There’s no other way to say it- March is a stacked month There are huge film releases, major new series, and buzzworthy new albums coming out. Below I’m listing 10 releases (in no order) that people should be on the lookout for. On with the list!

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10 Most Anticipated Films Of 2021

A cloud of uncertainty reigns over 2021 so this list could ultimately be rather pointless (much like the 2020 one). As of right now, Warner is planning on releasing their titles theatrically and on HBOMax so we all might be able to see some major releases at least. As for the titles going straight to theaters, who knows what the theatrical situation will be like. Heck, movie theaters haven’t been open where I live since March. At any rate, I have whipped up a list of the 10 films I am personally looking forward to the most in 2021.

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10 Most Anticipated Films Of 2020

Onward.jpg WW.jpg

After a year full of mega-hits, epic franchise conclusions, indie gems, and, well, a whole lot of high grossing Disney films, 2020 looks to be a rather strange year at the movies. With a few possible exceptions, there could very well be zero billion dollar grossing films this year. It seems the studios are saving their major titles for 2021 and beyond. Of course, it’s quite possible movies will overperform at the box office or that movies will come from out of nowhere to surprise audiences. However the year turns out, there are still numerous films to look forward to. Below I have listed the 10 movies (ok, 11) I am personally looking forward to the most. On with the list! Continue reading

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