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Top 10 Romantic Movies

Roman HolidayThe Apartment Blu-raysingin

With Valentine’s Day a few days away, couples everywhere are watching romantic films together in droves. In order to prevent people from seeing some truly bad ones (of which there is many), I thought I’d help readers out by offering up my own personal favorite romantic films in no particular order. On with the list! Continue reading


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Top 10 Movie Musicals

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With the hit Broadway show “Hamilton,” the live-action musical events on TV, and new movie musicals such as the smash hit “La La Land,” musicals have unquestionably become popular again. What better way to celebrate the resurgence of the genre than with a list of my personal favorite movie musicals? While I could have easily included films starring Julie Andrews, “The Court Jester,” or any number of Disney animated or live-action musicals, they just missed the cut. Anyway, enough of yammering, on with the list! Continue reading

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