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15 Favorite Films

Wizard Star

I’ve been holding off on making this list mostly because my list of favorites change constantly. It was tough to narrow them down to 15 as so many films could have made the cut, but, at the end of the day, these 15 mean the most to me. Keep in mind I limited my list to 1 per franchise otherwise the list would have numerous Star Wars and Bond films. Additionally, there’s no real particular order here aside from the top 4 basically. On with the list!

  1. Star Wars- To me it doesn’t get any better than 1977’s “Star Wars” AKA “Star Wars: A New Hope.” Not only did it change cinema forever, but it changed me forever. It showed me the power and potential of cinematic storytelling while also inspiring me creatively.


  1. A Christmas Story- I’ve seen it more times than I can tell you and I will see it many more times in the future. It’s a timeless and relatable story about childhood and family that is full of heart and humor.


  1. Free Enterprise- This ultimate geek film hits close to home.


  1. It’s A Wonderful Life- It’s rather strange that 2 of my favorite films are Christmas films, but that’s how it is! Frank Capra’s classic film is one of the best representations of life itself with all its ups and downs.


  1. Casino Royale- “Dr. No,” “Licence To Kill,” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” could have very well made this list, but “Casino Royale” is one of the few films of the past 20 years to blow me away. It completely revitalized the franchise and the action movie itself.


  1. The Rocketeer- Of all of the comic book movies that have been made thus far, Joe Johnston’s “The Rocketeer” soars the most (pun intended). It has continued to stand the test of time as a faithful adaptation of the source material and a tribute to pulpy movie serials.


  1. The Wizard Of Oz- A great fantasy movie, a great musical, and, well, a great movie.


  1. Singin’ In The Rain- Few films elicit as much joy as this Gene Kelly starring musical.


  1. King Kong- While Godzilla holds a special place in my heart, 1933’s “King Kong” is still the “Citizen Kane” of giant monster and Kaiju movies.


  1. Psycho- Alfred Hitchcock’s ahead of its time horror-thriller boldly plays with storytelling conventions and showcases some of the most iconic moments in cinema history.


  1. American Graffiti- Another George Lucas film? Yep! Before “Star Wars,” Lucas directed the ultimate coming-of-age teen film that has often been imitated but never replicated. 


  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey- Stanley Kubrick’s mindbending sci-fi film is visual storytelling at its finest. 


  1. Before Sunrise- The first installment of Richard Linklater’s romantic drama series is a grounded and emotional tale of human connections and a blossoming romance. 


  1. Planet of the Apes- The new Apes trilogy and “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” are great films, but the original is still my favorite.


  1. Pulp Fiction- What is there to say about Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 multi-genre classic that hasn’t already been said?

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