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The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special DVD Review


“The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special” is lacking in the laugh department. Continue reading

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Idle Hands Blu-ray Review

Idle Hands Blu-ray

“Idle Hands” is a watchable teen horror-comedy. Continue reading

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Ticks Blu-ray Review

Ticks Blu-ray

“Ticks” has its moments. Continue reading

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Robot Chicken Season Five Blu-Ray Review

If you love the show, you’ll love this.

I hate admitting this at my age, but “Robot Chicken” is often pretty damn funny. It isn’t always consistent, and some of the sketches do not know when to stop. But overall, this is some of the sharpest satire on television, like an R-rated MAD Magazine.

And make no mistake, this uncensored fifth season of the show is absolutely loaded with scenes and language originally bleeped or blacked-out during the original broadcasts. And sometimes I think it tends to detract from the overall effectiveness of some sketches (where the bleeps actually made them funnier). I’ve personally got nothing against language, sex or violence, but the least successful “Robot Chicken” sketches have always been the ones where the writers and animators went to extremes to show how shocking they could be. The best ones are those which skewer all sorts of media or pop culture, no matter how obscure, and there’s a lot of that here. I’d be willing to wager that MOST viewers would never get the 20-second sketch poking fun at the film, “Overboard.” RC has always been a show BY pop-culture geeks FOR pop-culture geeks.

There’s nothing in season five that reaches the comical heights of RC’s “Star Wars” parodies (still the funniest things Seth Green has ever been associated with), but it’s at least as good as any other season.

Though a single disc, it is loaded with deleted scenes, featurettes and commentary for all 20 episodes. And I gotta admit, these little clay puppets look pretty awesome in HD.

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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 3 DVD Review

“Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 3” is just as funny as the first two installments. Continue reading

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