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Ticks Blu-ray Review

Ticks Blu-ray

“Ticks” has its moments.

The premise: Two social workers bring a group of troubled youth on a well intentioned camping trip. Unfortunately for them, the trip turns out to be a living nightmare as they encounter killer blood thirsty ticks and two mean gun toting pot growers.

Up until now, I had never seen “Ticks,” but I had wanted to see it for many years. The idea of a Brian Yuzna produced schlocky b-movie horror flick about ticks starring Clint Howard and Seth Green just sounded like it would be entertaining. While the movie is indeed entertaining in parts, the end product could have been better.

In terms of living up to its title, the movie has no problems in that department. The nasty, slimy ticks (and their even more disgusting eggs) provide plenty of gross-out, gory moments. Whether the ticks are burrowing into body parts or exploding out of a human body, horror junkies will no doubt get a kick out of the bloody action in this movie.

For the most part, the cast is also a highlight here as we see a young Seth Green, Peter Scolari (of “Bosom Buddies” fame), B-Movie legend Clint Howard, and yes, even Carlton from “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Alfonso Ribeiro). Really, the only two cast members who feel out of place here are Jerry (Michael Medeiros) and Sir (Barry Lynch). For me, these two gun toting, pot protecting characters are the real weak link of the film as they feel like an unnecessary distraction from the plot. The movie already has an obstacle for the characters with the ticks and it doesn’t need these two villainous goofballs eating up valuable screentime.


Long available only on VHS, “Ticks” has finally made its way to Blu-ray (and DVD) and the results will no doubt please fans. From the slimy pulsating tick eggs to the picturesque woods, the film certainly looks sharp in 1.78:1 1080p. Sure, there’s a spattering of grain here and there, but this is as good of an upgrade as anyone could hope for.

The DTS-HD Mono track is a little too low during the quieter scenes, but the more action heavy scenes sound surprisingly good here.

The only extra here is a commentary by moderator Nathaniel Thompson, director Tony Randel, and actor Clint Howard. Blu-ray fans who have quibbled about the lack of extras on Olive Films titles will be happy to see an exclusive commentary that is filled with stories about the title, reshoots, set stories, etc. Randel and Howard seem to have a fun time trip down memory lane here. Worth a listen.

Summary: “Ticks” is by no means a horror classic, but it’s worth a look for horror fans.

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