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The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special DVD Review


“The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special” is lacking in the laugh department. Continue reading

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Wizard World Portland Comic Con 2014 Review

Clockwork Droids  Lebowski

Cosplay of the Clockwork Droids from “Doctor Who” and The Dude, Donnie, and Walter from “The Big Lebowski.”

After testing the waters in Portland for the first time with their successful 2013 event, Wizard World Portland went all out for their 2014 show. Not only were there more guests, but the convention also took up more space in the Oregon Convention Center’s Exhibit Halls and Ballrooms. Basically, everything was bigger for their second show in the Rose City. Continue reading

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Pawn Shop Chronicles Blu-ray Review

Pawn Shop Chronicles Blu-ray

Despite boasting an all-star cast, “Pawn Shop Chronicles” is little more than a Tarantino wannabe. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray Review

The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray

The third season of “The Walking Dead” is better than the second season, but that’s not saying much. Continue reading

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Iron Man: Rise Of Technovore Blu-ray Review

Iron Man- Rise Of Technovore Blu-ray

The uneven “Iron Man: Rise of Technovore” has a few geektastic moments that will please comic fans. Continue reading

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The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (DVD Review)

Content Grade: B
Extras Grade: B

US Release Date: 9 March 2010
Rated R

It’s been ten years since we last saw The Saints.  Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) have disappeared from the public eye and are living the quiet life on a sheep farm in Ireland with their father (Billy Connolly) when they receive word that a priest has been brutally murdered in Boston.  Moreover, the priest has been posed in death and pennies placed over his eyes.  Someone is calling the boys out.  The only problem with the plan, their Da says, is that it worked.

Back in Boston, there are some familiar faces and some new ones.  Detectives Greenly (Bob Marley), Duffy (Brian Mahoney), and Dolly (David Ferry) are back on the case, unsure of where they’ll stand if their involvement in the courtroom climax of The Saints’ last spree were to leak.  They’ve got a new FBI lead on the case, too: Special Agent Eunice Bloom (Julie Benz), a woman handed the torch by the late Agent Smecker (Willem Defoe).  When the boys arrive back in town, they’ve also got a new recruit: Romeo (Clifton Collins Jr.), a scrappy Mexican who’s also a big fan.

If you’re not a fan of the first film, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY isn’t going to pull out a wealth of new tricks to try to change your mind.  Fans will find a lot to love, and it’s apparent in every frame that this movie is meant for the fans.  The sequel mirrors the first film in much of its progression, ramping up the body count and cranking the film’s signature style up to 11.


  • Commentary with Writer/Director Troy Duffy, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and Billy Connolly
  • Commentary with Writer/Director Troy Duffy and Willem Defoe
  • Unprecedented Access: Behind the Scenes – Wherein Clifton Collins Jr. compares Troy Duffy to Fellini.  I kid you not.
  • Billy Connolly and Troy Duffy: Unedited
  • Merchandise/Games

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