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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 3 DVD Review

“Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 3” is just as funny as the first two installments.

Everyone’s favorite action figure sketch comedy stop-motion animated series is back again with a third (and supposedly final) “Star Wars” special. If you enjoyed the first two hilarious installments, rest assured that this third special does not disappoint. So what does ‘Episode 3’ offer up? In addition to random sketches about everything from the obscure character Prunceface and Gary the Stormtrooper to Lego Lando and Boba Fett, there’s also a more linear story that is spread out throughout the episode. The story follows Emperor Palpatine essentially reflecting on his life moments before his death. I liked this approach to storytelling although I think it would have been stronger had the whole episode been like that. Having the Palpatine story mixed with random character sketches was slightly chaotic. With that said, the episode still manages to work despite the structure.

As with the other two specials, the best moments are often the follow-up character moments such as Luke encountering the one armed Wampa at a fill-up station or a stressed out Max Rebo trying to make a gig after Jabba’s Sail Barge exploded. There’s also a rather clever moment with Jar Jar Binks that, if cannon, would actually be quite fascinating.

Summary: I could yammer on about all the great sketches, but you (the readers) are better of buying or renting this disc instead. Highly recommended.


The widescreen picture quality looks better than the original broadcast (even on DVD). Note: This title is also available on Blu-ray.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 will definitely please audiophiles. Everything from the Star Wars music and sound f/x to the dialogue and action sequences sounded great here.

* Trailers for “Heist,” “Sitcom,” “Techno,” and “The Force Unleashed 2.”
* “Sunday In The Boardroom With George Lucas”- 6 “Robot Chicken” staff members chat with George Lucas. It’s great to see a lighter side of George Lucas.
* A gag reel with the crew members and voice actors.
* “Robot Chicken Skate Tour ‘09”- Behind-the-scenes footage of the roller skate tour.
* “Skywalker Ranch Premiere”- Video of the “Robot Chicken” crew’s experience at Skywalker Ranch for the premiere of “Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 3.”
* “Behind The Scenes: VFX”- A look at how some of the visual effects shots are done.
* “Behind The Scenes: Voice Acting”- Speaks for itself.
* 26 deleted scenes and animatics with writer intros. A lot of the material was understandably cut, but there are some real gems here such as a Padme age joke, the lobster bit, and one of the Porkins scenes.
* “Star Wars Celebration 5 Robot Chicken Panels” with Seth Green, Joey Fatone, Tom Root and Matt Senreich.

* Sketch by sketch video commentary option.
* “For The Love Of Toys” and “For The Love Of Star Wars”- The cast/crew talk about “Star Wars” toys as well as the films.
* “For The Love Of Filmmaking”- The cast and crew chat about their passion for filmmaking aspects.
* “Behind The Scenes: Writing”- A look into the writer’s room.
* A whopping 4 commentaries. The first is an actor commentary with Abraham Benrubi, Ahmed Best, Keith Ferguson, Seth Green, Matthew Senreich and Billy Dee Williams. The second actor commentary contains Bob Bergen, Donald Faison, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer and Matthew Senreich. The third commentary (writers) features Matthew Beans, Mike Fasolo, Dan Milano, Tom Root, Hugh Sterbakov, and Zeb Wells. Lastly, there’s the crew commentary with Cameron Baity, Christopher Covel, Trisha Gum, Alex Kamer, Cam Leeburg, Chris Mckay, Jeanette Moffat and Rob Ronning. The first commentary is the most entertaining thanks to some great Billy Dee Williams moments.

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