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10 Random Recommendations

RiffTrax Shorts- Shorts Assemble! DVD True Story, Swear To GodBabylon 5.jpg

Instead of doing a specific top 10 list today, I thought I’d put out a list of random things I love that I would like to recommend to others. These are not movie exclusive recommendations as I have included a TV show, podcasts, a comic book series, audio dramas, an album, a card game, comedic commentary tracks, and even a sports league! There’s not much more for me to add here so on with the list! Continue reading

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The Best And Worst TV Shows/Web Series Of 2015

Better Call Saul     Master of None     Sense8     Daredevil

2015 was largely an underwhelming year for cinema (that best/worst list will be coming soon), but it was a good year for TV and web series. As per usual, cable and various other platforms (like Netflix) had the best series while the networks were generally a wasteland of tedious dreck. For the most part, I managed to avoid a lot of the “worst” series of the year so that list is fairly small this time around. Anyway, enough of my chatter, on with the list! Continue reading

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