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The Best And Worst TV Shows/Web Series Of 2015

Better Call Saul     Master of None     Sense8     Daredevil

2015 was largely an underwhelming year for cinema (that best/worst list will be coming soon), but it was a good year for TV and web series. As per usual, cable and various other platforms (like Netflix) had the best series while the networks were generally a wasteland of tedious dreck. For the most part, I managed to avoid a lot of the “worst” series of the year so that list is fairly small this time around. Anyway, enough of my chatter, on with the list!

Best Shows:

1.Daredevil- A riveting adult centric Marvel-Netflix series that proved to be a game changer for televised comic book adaptations. Season 2 cannot come fast enough.

2. Better Call Saul- The rare spin-off that is as good if not better than the original.

3. Sense8- A diverse and profoundly moving groundbreaking sci-fi series about human connections.

4. Fargo- “OK, then!”

5. Master of None- I don’t tend to like many comedy series (especially since many of them seem to just rip-off “The Office” or whatever is popular nowadays), but “Master of None” was a refreshingly honest, unique, and hilarious show. It’s safe to say Netflix was truly the biggest pioneer this year when it came to series.

6. Game of Thrones- The fifth season delivered many buzzworthy moments that faithful fans have been longing to see for years.

7. Star Wars Rebels- While I enjoyed season 1, it was decidedly hit-and-miss. The second season certainly found its groove, however, as it further explored the characters and the “Star Wars” universe.

8. Scream- A slasher film franchise being turned into a TV series sounds like a strange concept, but it fit quite well with the serialized TV format.

9. Homeland- Aside from a couple of weak episodes, the fifth season was filled with intense drama that rivals anything on TV.

10. Battlebots- As a fan of the previous incarnation, I was happy to see robot fighting matches make their way back to the small screen.

Notables: “Silicon Valley,” “Togetherness,” “Orange Is The New Black,” “The Flash,” “Bates Motel,” “Doctor Who,” “Inside The Box,” and “Ash vs. Evil Dead.”

Special Mention: Portland Timbers winning MLS Cup.

Worst Shows:

1.“Fear The Walking Dead”- An uninspired spin-off devoid of anything resembling likable characters.

2. Ballers- Does anyone really need an “Entourage” wannabe set in the sports world.

3. The Bastard Executioner- A series so bad it was executed after season one.

4. Blunt Talk- It’s nice to see Patrick Stewart expand his acting horizons, but he deserved better than this unfunny one note comedy.


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