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Strange New World

“Strange New World” borrows elements from Gene Roddenberry’s two unsuccessful attempts at a series following “Star Trek” , “Genesis II” and “Planet Earth” and  paints a less than optimistic future of our planet; the exact opposite of “Star Trek”.  In this disc, John Saxon(he was also in Planet Earth) heads a team of scientists who have been in suspended animation in orbit above the Earth when a shower of meteors wipes out civilization as we know it.  When they awake , they return to Earth and try to find their headquarters, exploring the planet in a rover and running into various pockets of cultures that have evolved from the ruins of Earth.  That’s the scenario for this failed pilot and two episodes are included on this dvd from Warner Archive.   Continue reading

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Avatar Blu-Ray

What can be said that already hasn’t been said ?  Well, I have a few thoughts and observations about James Cameron’s zillion dollar film.

First about the blu-ray-the disc is without a doubt a system show off disc-it has one of the clearest, sharpest and best looking pictures I’ve ever seen on blu-ray.  That’s the good part.

The disc, even though it comes with a dvd copy, is totally bare bones; no extras at all, nada, zip, nothing.  Gee, was this planned?   Continue reading

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UFC Rampage Greatest Hits Blu-ray and DVD Reviews


“UFC Rampage Greatest Hits” is a comprehensive look at Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s fighting career. Continue reading

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Invictus Blu-Ray

“Invictus” is a film that approaches the same story on many different levels.  On the surface, Clint Eastwood’s film about SOuth Africa winning the World Cup in Rugby soon after his release can be viewed simply as a good sports film.  However, the film has many different layers of the same issue ; how South Africa dealt with sudden change in government with the election of Nelson Mandela as its first black president.  Morgan Freeman does an outstanding job as Mandela, actually spending time with the South African leader in studying for his part.

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$10.00 off coupon link on “Alice In Wonderland”

Here’s a link for a $10.00 off coupon for Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, which was just released on June 1.  Enjoy.  Full review is coming very soon.


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