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Avatar Blu-Ray

What can be said that already hasn’t been said ?  Well, I have a few thoughts and observations about James Cameron’s zillion dollar film.

First about the blu-ray-the disc is without a doubt a system show off disc-it has one of the clearest, sharpest and best looking pictures I’ve ever seen on blu-ray.  That’s the good part.

The disc, even though it comes with a dvd copy, is totally bare bones; no extras at all, nada, zip, nothing.  Gee, was this planned?  

It took Cameron 10 years to make the film but I guess he forgot to record anything about its making and he certainly has nothing to comment about it.  I smell a newer, better edition coming.  Ca-ching. Of course, you’ll have to pay for it again when it does come out; that’s after seeing it in the 3D theater four or five times already plus buying this edition. Ca-ching. Heck, somebody has to pay for all that great 3D technology.  I guess Cameron and the studio figured out who.  Ca-ching. Of course, when the 3D televisions come out this year there will have to be an edition for that.  Ca-ching.  All right, I’ve ranted enough.

The storyline is less than original on this film too; ever see an animated film called “Ferngully”?  It was about an outsider who gets immersed into a forest world of nymph-like fairies by being shrunk to their size, learning their customs and ends up defending their world against the humans who want to tear down their forest for industry.  Give it a rent sometime.  There are also elements from the Dennis Quaid-Lou Gossett Jr. sci-fi film, “Enemy Mine”.

“Avatar” is one of the most stunning works ever to hit theaters or blu-ray but the obvious lack of extras in this blu-ray edition is a slap in the face to the public who had such a love affair with it for months. Rent it on blu-ray to see its stunning picture but wait for the obvious “special edition” that I am sure will turn up as soon as sales for this edition fall off.

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