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Strange New World

“Strange New World” borrows elements from Gene Roddenberry’s two unsuccessful attempts at a series following “Star Trek” , “Genesis II” and “Planet Earth” and  paints a less than optimistic future of our planet; the exact opposite of “Star Trek”.  In this disc, John Saxon(he was also in Planet Earth) heads a team of scientists who have been in suspended animation in orbit above the Earth when a shower of meteors wipes out civilization as we know it.  When they awake , they return to Earth and try to find their headquarters, exploring the planet in a rover and running into various pockets of cultures that have evolved from the ruins of Earth.  That’s the scenario for this failed pilot and two episodes are included on this dvd from Warner Archive.  

Made in the early 70’s, this obvious failed television pilot looks like it, with less than spectacular special effects and cheesy dialog.  The film is in terrible shape; film scratches and dirt are apparent in many scenes and color variations and fading are rampant throughout.  While I expect this from an independent label churning out public domain copies of films, I don’t expect this cheap quality from a major studio like Warner. Even though Warner puts Archive on the title, that doesn’t justify the shoddy production value of this disc.  Of all the future science fiction television movies after “Star Trek” this is the worst.  Skip it.

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