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Invictus Blu-Ray

“Invictus” is a film that approaches the same story on many different levels.  On the surface, Clint Eastwood’s film about SOuth Africa winning the World Cup in Rugby soon after his release can be viewed simply as a good sports film.  However, the film has many different layers of the same issue ; how South Africa dealt with sudden change in government with the election of Nelson Mandela as its first black president.  Morgan Freeman does an outstanding job as Mandela, actually spending time with the South African leader in studying for his part.

Mandela, newly elected president, must deal with racism in his country on many levels; his presidential staff that is a mixture of the past administration and new staff he has picked, his security squad, which is another blend of old and new, the sports associations which want to eliminate the old rugby team because they represent a symbol of Aparteid, and the team itself, which is  mostly white atheletes who have lost the will to compete in this rough sport when their own country’s population boo them at matches.

Mandela strikes out to solve all of these issues by walking a fine line of compromise, and like most compromises, manages to piss off just about everyone. However, the faith in Mandela Mandela himself also has issues of a personal nature amid this crisis; his wife has left him due to his high ethical standards, and he is estranged from his children.

Matt Damon plays the captain of the rugby team who is fully supportive of the new president and his goal of winning the World Cup for his country.  Its a different role for Damon, and a good one.

Eastwood’s direction keeps the story moving at a quick pace and shows great skill in developing all the different story lines into a cohesive film from start to finish.

Extras included on the disc have an in-depth picture-in-picture: explore the movie’s creation with those who lived the real-life saga as well as the cast and filmmakers (this is a great demo of what blu-ray can do), Mandela meets Morgan(no explanation needed)
The Eastwood Factor: Clint Eastwood looks back at his films and career-this has also been released as a single dvd by itself) and
Matt Damon plays rugby, Invictus music trailer

There is much to admire about this film and I can highly recommend it for its many diverse levels and great portrait of recent history.  Performances are right on the money and the action on and off the rugby field keeps your attention throughout.  One of the years best in my opinion. Freeman should get an Oscar nod for his performance.

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