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Big Eyes Blu-ray Review

Big Eyes Blu-ray

“Big Eyes” is a return to form for Tim Burton. Continue reading


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Planet Of The Apes Saga: The Poster Collection Book Review

Planet of the Apes Saga- The Poster Collection Book

“Planet of the Apes Saga: The Poster Collection” is an absolute bargain. Continue reading

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Frankenweenie Blu-ray Review

Frankenweenie Blu-ray

“Frankenweenie” is better than most recent Tim Burton films, but that’s not saying much. Continue reading

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Dark Shadows Blu-ray Review

Tim Burton hits rock bottom with “Dark Shadows.” Continue reading

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James And The Giant Peach Blu-Ray Special Edition

James and The Giant Peach Blu-Ray coverThe combination Disney, Tim Burton, and Roald Dahl is a strange yet delightful film, with stop motion animation, live action and computer graphics.  Its a real treat for the eyes and even better on blu-ray. As with most Burton film’s and Dahl stories, although a children’s story, the tale has its darker moments so younger kids should probably skip it. The 79 minute film took ages to make because of the stop action sequences.  Parts of the film look grainy as a result but this is also a typical characteristic of all stop motion animation. The blu-ray picture and DTS-MA soundtrack are up to the usual high quality standards set by Disney. Continue reading

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Alice In Wonderland Blu-Ray

“Alice In Wonderland” is another collaboration between Disney and director Tim Burton.  Burton has taken the familiar “Alice” story, updated it, and made Alice 19 years old, on the verge of womanhood in Victorian England.  References to Alice’s first visit are everywhere in the film, from the opening sequence, to references by the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp)and others.  Some characters even insist that this Alice is the wrong Alice. Continue reading

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$10.00 off coupon link on “Alice In Wonderland”

Here’s a link for a $10.00 off coupon for Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, which was just released on June 1.  Enjoy.  Full review is coming very soon.


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