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Dumbo 4K UHD Review


“Dumbo” is much better than you’ve heard.

In “Dumbo,” the story revolves around the struggling Medici Brothers’ Circus. A former employee (a war vet father/husband Holt) has come back to the circus only to learn that his wife has passed away and that his job is no longer waiting for him. Fortunately, his two kids (Joe and Milly) are still there for him as is a new job as caretaker of a pregnant elephant (Mrs. Jumbo). Mrs. Jumbo winds up giving birth to an abnormal elephant with big ears (the titular character) and, to make a long story short, Mrs. Jumbo is sold and everyone learns that Dumbo can fly (which becomes big news). A theme park owner named V.A. Vandevere gets wind of Dumbo’s fantastic abilities and ends up buying the Medici circus and its employees. However, everyone involved with Medici soon learns the nightmarish consequences of this buyout.

Many of the Disney live-action remakes have been simple retellings of their animated counterparts with some new material sprinkled here and there. With 2019’s “Dumbo,” however, this movie is more of a grounded reimagining with a new story and an original perspective by director Tim Burton and writer Ehren Kruger. Among the things viewers can expect to see here- a heartfelt story between Dumbo and his mother that has been expanded upon, bold and topical storylines about anti-corporate takeover and pro-animal rights, numerous homages to to the original, new characters, another fine Danny Elfman score, no trace of the offensive material featured in the original, poignant themes about not fitting in, family and being yourself, a unique atmosphere that maintains the spirit of the original, and an ending that feels hopeful and earned. Sure, the film might come off as a bit too dark and sad at times, but I admire the fact that Burton doesn’t shy away from the unpleasant realities as he gives viewers his decidedly fresh take on the classic story.

The cast is aces. Danny DeVito is the MVP here as Max Medici as his character arguably had the most depth. Eva Green continues her streak of notable performances as a trapeze artist (Colette) who works with Dumbo at the theme park (Dreamland). Michael Keaton is one of the best and most underrated actors in the biz today and he seems to be having a blast as the villain of the piece. Colin Farrell impressed as Holt, but that should come as no surprise to those that have followed his career.

Overall Thoughts: The mixed critical response is puzzling to me as this is easily one of the best Disney live-action films so far. Hopefully, more people will give it a chance on home video.


Presentation: 1.85:1 2160p. How does it look? Tim Burton’s stylistic film looks breathtaking in 4K. The color scheme really shines here.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? This layered Atmos track soars like Dumbo himself.

* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* Disney trailers
* A music video for Arcade Fire’s “Baby Mine.”
* 9 deleted scenes
* “Easter Eggs On Parade”- A look at the Easter Eggs that pay homage to to the original film.
* “Clowning Around”- A 2 minute gag reel.
* “Circus Spectaculars”- A featurette on the cast and characters.
* ‘The Elephant In The Room”- An extra that shows how the titular character was brought to the screen in live-action form.
* “Built To Amaze”- The sets, costumes, and production design work gets the spotlight here.

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