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Top 10 RiffTrax


One of my favorite things to watch (especially in these challenging times) is RiffTrax. Whether the trio (Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, and Mike Nelson) are mocking B-movies, blockbusters, or shorts, their comedic riffs are always guaranteed to make you laugh. Given that they have quite an extensive catalog now, I thought I’d draft up a list of my personal top 10 favorites. Keep in mind I have not seen everything and that these ten are in no particular order. 

As to where you can find RiffTrax titles, they are available in several places. Rifftrax.com is obviously the go to place to support them, but you can also find numerous free streaming titles on Tubi TV and Amazon Prime. You can also rent and purchase titles on Amazon Prime. Daily streams are available on Pluto TV and Twitch as well. Lastly, you can purchase DVDs and Blu-rays from the RiffTrax site, Amazon, and other media sellers.

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10 Random Recommendations Part 7

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Top 10 Bad Movies

Samurai CopTroll 2Breakin' 2- Electric Boogaloo

As a lover of cinema, I have a deep appreciation of films that are bad. No, I’m not talking movies that are so bad that they are unwatchable like “A Good Day to Die Hard” or “Glitter.” I’m talking about movies that are so bad that they become something special. A great bad movie is one that delivers things you’ve never seen before in a weird and wonderful way. In some ways, a great bad movie can even be just as fun as a beloved classic and I don’t mean that in an ironic hipster way. Yes, the bad films may be seriously lacking in the acting or filmmaking departments, but they more than make up for it in the unique ways the stories are presented.

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