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Top 10 RiffTrax


One of my favorite things to watch (especially in these challenging times) is RiffTrax. Whether the trio (Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, and Mike Nelson) are mocking B-movies, blockbusters, or shorts, their comedic riffs are always guaranteed to make you laugh. Given that they have quite an extensive catalog now, I thought I’d draft up a list of my personal top 10 favorites. Keep in mind I have not seen everything and that these ten are in no particular order. 

As to where you can find RiffTrax titles, they are available in several places. Rifftrax.com is obviously the go to place to support them, but you can also find numerous free streaming titles on Tubi TV and Amazon Prime. You can also rent and purchase titles on Amazon Prime. Daily streams are available on Pluto TV and Twitch as well. Lastly, you can purchase DVDs and Blu-rays from the RiffTrax site, Amazon, and other media sellers.

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Top 10 Streaming Services

Net Disney

Although I will always champion physical media over streaming services because you actually get to OWN the movie or show, I fully acknowledge  streaming services are becoming the new norm as they continue to grow in popularity (especially in these difficult times). The problem with streaming services, however, is that there are far too many of them with even more coming in the near future. It’s inevitable that many of these will fold as no consumer can afford all of these (with the exception of the free ad-supported ones). So which ones are worth seeking out? Below I have listed my ten personal favorites.  Continue reading

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