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10 Recommended Reads

Dune Year

If you’re getting tired of watching films or TV series amidst the quarantine and need a change of pace, why not pick up a book? Below I have listed 10 personal favorite books I suggest checking out while you have the free time. On with the list! Continue reading

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Mystery Science Theater 3000- Season 12: The Gauntlet


Season 12 of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” is a laugh riot. Continue reading

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 11 Blu-ray Review


“Mystery Science Theater 3000” is back AND Shout Factory has released a full season set? Huzzah! Continue reading

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Top 10 Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes

Mystery Science Theater 3000- 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

With brand new episodes of MST3K fast approaching (April 14, 2017 to be exact), I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at my personal favorite episodes of the first ten seasons of the great comedic cult classic series. So, without further adieu, on with the list! Continue reading

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RiffTrax: Ghosthouse and Christmas With RiffTrax: Santa’s Village Of Madness DVD Reviews

RiffTrax- Ghosthouse DVD  Christmas With RiffTrax- Santa's Village Of Madness DVD

“Ghosthouse” and “Santa’s Village of Madness” are two hilarious new RiffTrax DVD releases. Continue reading

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXIV DVD Review

Episode-wise, this 24th collection of MST3K is one of the lesser ones.

Part of this may be because, at this point, a lot of the greatest episodes have already shown up in previous boxed sets. Another problem may be that, as a longtime fan of the series, I’d much-rather start collecting sets of entire seasons as opposed to four randomly-assembled episodes, especially since what constitutes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ episode is so highly subjective.

But without trying to sound too jingoistic, the main reason Volume 24 isn’t as strong is because all four episodes in the collection skewer low budget foreign films (two from Japan, one from Russia, one from Italy). I do not have anything against low budget foreign films per se, but most of them don’t really need the MST3K treatment. Most are funny enough on their own. I always thought, as an American series, MST3K was at its best when attacking movies born from the same culture as its primary audience. Maybe it’s just me, but the MST3K episodes covering foreign films are never as fun.

That being said, this set isn’t without its merits. As usual, there are some funny quips and comments throughout each episode (though fewer and further between). What ultimately makes Volume 24 worth checking out, however, are the bonus features. Included are two shorts, one of which, A Date With Your Family, is arguably the best MST3K short they’ve ever done (and one I’d been longing to have in my DVD collection). For those of you who miss TV’s Frank, an update on his life is included, as well as a feature on Sandy Frank (the guy responsible for importing Fugitive Alien and Fugitive Alien 2, the two Japanese features).

In addition, the Shout! Factory sets are packaged with more creativity and care than the ones Rhino released. I still think all of the MST3K sets are needlessly spread-out over four discs, but at least we get some fun original artwork in the form of faux posters featuring Crow and Tom Servo.

Die hard fans will likely enjoy this set, but I have to think most of them, at this point, would prefer it if Shout! Factory went back to the beginning and started trucking-out full season boxed sets, which would allow Misties to revisit old episodes on their own terms.

Extras include 4 mini posters, 3 MST Hour Wraps, an interview with Sandy Frank, an intro to “Fugitive Alien” by August Rangone, a “Samson Vs. The Vampire Women” TV spot, a featurette titled “Lucha Gringo: K Gordon Murray Meets Santo” and an interview with Frank Conniff in “Life After MST3K: Frank Conniff.”

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Girl In Gold Boots and The Wild World Of Batwoman DVD Reviews


“Girl In Gold Boots” is an underrated Sci-Fi era episode.

“The Wild World Of Batwoman” has its fair share of laughs, but the movie itself is hard to endure. Continue reading

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Cinematic Titanic Live: War Of The Insects DVD Review

Huzzah! The wait is finally over for a new Cinematic Titanic Live DVD release. Continue reading

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Atomic Brain DVD Review

Of course, MST3K is always fun, and this episode, featuring the 1964 stinker, “The Atomic Brain,” is no exception. But why is Shout! Factory is choosing to rerelease episodes that have been available on DVD for years?

Actually, I probably already know the answer to that. This episode was originally part of a boxed set (Volume 3) back when Rhino Home Video was still putting them out and is now out of print (a new copy currently costs $133 on Amazon). So I guess I kind of understand the rationale. But it is also very likely that only die-hard fans (are their any other kind?) would find MST3K episodes worth buying, and probably already own the original DVDs, anyway. I think most ‘misties’ would rather Shout! Factory work on putting out the episodes which have still never seen the light of day on home video.

Plus, this single disc (like other episodes recently released) contains no extras of any kind. Just the film, preceded by the hilarious short, “What About Juvenile Delinquency?”. So if you already have the Volume 3 Rhino set, there is absolutely no reason you’ll need this. Still, it is good disc for the budget-minded, and a very funny episode.

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2009 Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, shoppers are scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family. Here at DVDCORNER, we have decided to make shopping for Blu-rays, DVDs, music, and video games a little easier by giving you folks a few suggestions. Enjoy! Continue reading

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