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Cinematic Titanic Live: War Of The Insects DVD Review

Huzzah! The wait is finally over for a new Cinematic Titanic Live DVD release.

After an 18 month DVD hiatus, Joel Hodgson, Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein have returned with a release of a live show from Minnesota in which the gang riffs on a 1968 stinker known as “War Of The Insects” (AKA “Genocide”). The plot of this sci-fi cheesefest involves a mad human hating, bug loving woman named Annabelle, killer poisonous insects, and an airplane carrying an H Bomb. How these elements all play together is something you need to see for yourself.

After what feels like a 20 minute warm up, the Titanic gang really fire on all cylinders with this particular show. Whether they’re making sexual innuendos, busting out some amusing curses, or cracking jokes about cellphones, Blu-ray, spoon slapping, and Piers Morgan, it really seems like the legendary comedians have become masters of the live show experience. It doesn’t hurt that the film itself has some really easy targets such as the overacting, but hilarious Charlie character who might be one of the worst on screen characters ever put to celluloid. Seriously, you have to see him for yourself.

Another pleasant surprise here is some truly clever “Mystery Science Theater 3000” jokes. It may be “pandering” as Joel puts it at one point, but it’s always fun for fans (such as myself) of the iconic television series to geek out over.

Summary: Is “War Of The Insects” worth buying? Of course it is. Any “Cinematic Titanic” disc is worth plunking down cash for as all of the discs are consistently entertaining and funny. Let’s hope the next release (“Rattlers”) will be out sooner rather than later!


In terms of the video quality, this is far and away the best looking “Cinematic Titanic” DVD release. The start of the show offered up a variety of clear shots and angles and the show itself was perfectly framed. You can see each individual clearly unlike in certain past releases. As for the quality of “War Of The Insects,” the film looks decent despite some murky colors and lines.

The audio quality is pretty hit-and-miss. The Titanic gang is always clear, but the film’s dialogue may require viewers to crank up the sound to hear the sometimes scratchy and garbled audio.

The only extras are trailers for “The Alien Factor,” “East Meets Watts,” “Danger On Tiki Island,” and a Cinematic Titanic Live ad.

Cinematic Titanic: War Of The Insects is available to purchase here: http://cinematictitanic.com/showguide.php?showname=War_of_the_Insects

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