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Top 10 Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes

Mystery Science Theater 3000- 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

With brand new episodes of MST3K fast approaching (April 14, 2017 to be exact), I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at my personal favorite episodes of the first ten seasons of the great comedic cult classic series. So, without further adieu, on with the list!

  1. The Final Sacrifice- The best episode is a hotly debated topic, but at the end of the day, few things have made me laugh as hard as Mike, Tom, and Crow tackling the bizarre adventures of the beer guzzling Rowsdower.
  1. Final Justice- Go ahead on…and watch this episode. Goosio said so.
  1. Manos: The Hands of Fate- This one goes without saying. Not only did this obscure movie become a cult classic because of this episode, but this episode really showcased just how funny MST3K could be.
  1. Mitchell- Joel Hodgson’s swan song as host was made even more memorable by this cheesy Joe Don Baker vehicle.
  1. Werewolf- This endlessly quotable BAD horror movie episode is one of the many highlights of the brilliant Sci-Fi Channel era.
  1. Soultaker- A Joe Estevez movie + The return of TV’s Frank and Joel= MST3K heaven.
  1. Laserblast- This sci-fi stinker was easily the best episode of the short season 7. It’s also notable for containing Dr. Forrester’s final appearance on the show.
  1. Pod People- Of all the movie characters in the films that were featured on MST3K, few were as memorable as the E.T. knockoff Trumpy. The jokes made at his expense are absolutely priceless.
  1. Future War- Cyborgs, boxes, dinosaurs, Robert Z’Dar- this supremely weird B-Movie was tailor made for MST3K.
  1. Eegah- Joel and the Bots make riffing look easy in this one as they mock everything from Arch Hall Jr.’s singing to the bizarre Eegah dubbing.


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