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10 Recommended Disney+ Releases

Given that today is Disney+ Day, it felt appropriate to whip up a list devoted to the ever growing streaming service. Below I have listed my 10 favorite Disney+ releases as of today. Truth be told, it was tough to narrow it down to 10 as there are numerous noteworthy documentaries, shorts, films, animated series and nature specials to choose from. Considering Disney+ has only been around close to 3 years, there’s already a wealth of recommended exclusive releases to choose from. I’m sure the future will be even brighter. On with the list (which is in no specific order)!

1. Star Wars: The Mandalorian- More Star Wars series could have made this list (especially ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’), but I decided to only list one. It was a no brainer that it would be ‘The Mandalorian.’ Not only is this THE crown jewel of D+, but it’s among the best SW we’ve ever seen. Season 3 can’t come soon enough.

2. WandaVision- The first and still best MCU series. A more psychological, trippy, and risky series that departed from the MCU formula. 

3. Light And Magic- A wonderful documentary series that works on so many levels. It’s a tribute to the ILM artists, it’s about the history of special effects (and ILM) and it also touches upon the life and career of George Lucas. 

4. The Beatles: Get Back- As a big Beatles fan, I was blown away by this documentary event series. It was an insightful look at the creative process that also presented an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the end of the band’s era.

5. Soul- Pixar has been a bit hit-and-miss as of late, but this is one of the best Pixar films to date. It’s a more mature and emotional film from the legendary animation studio.

6. Big Shot- This series turned out to be one of the biggest surprises. It’s an inspiring and emotional underdog dramedy about a high school women’s basketball team and their coach who is in need of redeeming his career. 

7. The Imagineering Story- Another fantastic documentary series about the history of Disney Parks. The amount of archival footage on display here was astonishing. 

8. Hamilton- The stage recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway show is a modern musical classic.

9. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers- This sequel series/reboot to ‘The Mighty Ducks’ films could have easily fallen flat, but it turned out to be a real crowd pleaser. It remains to be seen how the Emilio Estevez-less season 2 will pan out, but season 1 delivers.

10. Dug Days- A funny, observant, and charming series of animated shorts about the fan favorite ‘Up’ character Dug. 

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