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The Top 10 Worst Comic Book Movies

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We may be living in the golden age of comic book movies, but things weren’t always rosy. In fact, the last several years have seen some of the worst in the subgenre. In order to perhaps keep people away from these clunkers and or remind folks of historically bad cinematic mistakes, I though I would write up a list of the very worst comic book movies this week. Now, in case you are wondering why “Batman and Robin” and “Superman 4: The Quest For Peace” are not on the list, I do not think they are anywhere near the worst comic films. There’s no question they are bad movies, but they have camp value. Anyway, on with the list! Continue reading

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The Best And Worst Films And TV Shows Of 2012

Argo       Game Of Thrones        ParaNorman      Sherlock

The Best And Worst Films And TV Shows Of 2012

While some film fans and film critics adored 2012, I felt the year was largely comprised of bloated blockbusters and underwhelming art films. To me, a majority of the films (while often well made) felt distant and never really connected with me personally. Last year, I was overwhelmed with profoundly moving films such as “Moneyball,” “50/50,” “Hugo,” and “Midnight in Paris.” Now, that’s not to say 2012 didn’t have its highlights because it did. No one can deny that 2012’s cinematic offerings weren’t varied as the cinemas (and VODs) were flooded with everything from a talking teddy bear and a Bengal tiger to an extraordinary rescue mission and video game makers.

Meanwhile, on the television front, serialized entertainment once again reigned supreme. Whether I was witnessing the further decline of Walter White on “Breaking Bad” or seeing the astonishing wildfire sequence in “Game Of Thrones,” it’s clear that television is as exciting as it has ever been.

So, without further adieu, here is my annual list! Continue reading

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