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The Top 10 Worst Comic Book Movies

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We may be living in the golden age of comic book movies, but things weren’t always rosy. In fact, the last several years have seen some of the worst in the subgenre. In order to perhaps keep people away from these clunkers and or remind folks of historically bad cinematic mistakes, I though I would write up a list of the very worst comic book movies this week. Now, in case you are wondering why “Batman and Robin” and “Superman 4: The Quest For Peace” are not on the list, I do not think they are anywhere near the worst comic films. There’s no question they are bad movies, but they have camp value. Anyway, on with the list!

  1. Elektra- We all know Jennifer Garner is a good actress, but she’s entirely miscast as Elektra. Why Fox decided to make a spin-off with her is mystifying. Why Fox greenlit this unwatchable movie is even more puzzling.
  1. Son of the Mask- Making a sequel without Jim Carrey was already a bad idea, but making an unfunny cartoonish kiddy sequel that barely resembles the source material was an even worse idea.
  1. Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem- “Aliens Vs. Predator” was not good, but this sequel was somehow even worse. Between the piss poor production values and the woeful Predalien, you’ll be hard pressed to even finish watching this one.
  1. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance- I enjoyed the first “Ghost Rider” for the most part, but this sequel is a dizzying, repetitive mess of a movie that features some of the worst cinematography ever put to screen.
  1. Catwoman- I’d rather be whipped than suffer through the embarrassing pun-filled BDSM Catwoman again.
  1. Fantastic Four (2015)- Director Josh Trank’s darker take on F4 fails on every level. The tone is funky, the script is a disaster and the characters are completely and utterly botched.
  1. Green Lantern- It’s easy to pick on this bloated adaptation that likely suffered from too many rewrites and all sorts of pre-production/production nightmares, but it’s still a perfect example of what not do when making a comic book movie.
  1. The Amazing Spider-Man- I could have easily put the overstuffed sequel on here, but this reboot was a colossal misfire. Director Marc Webb had a real chance to get “Spider-Man” right, but he dropped the ball by messing up one of the best Spidey villains (Lizard) and making Peter Parker a cool skateboarder.
  1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine- I love the “X-Men” franchise, but the two Wolverine films just don’t work. The first one in particular is a shameful failure that screwed up Deadpool AND managed to make Wolverine boring.
  1. Red 2- “Red” was a barely watchable watered down version of the ultra violent Warren Ellis graphic novel, but this sequel was nothing more than a lazy cash-in. On top of that, you have to watch Bruce Willis walk through his role. Few things are more painful than that.


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