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10 Recommendations Part 12

Daddy PJ

It’s time for another round of recommendations to keep you entertained in these difficult times. On with the list! Continue reading

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Force Friday 2 Starts September 1, 2017!


At midnight tonight, Force Friday 2 officially begins! For those that don’t know what this special event is, it’s essentially a big “Star Wars” merchandise day. This year, a majority of the merch ties into the upcoming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” although there will be stuff related to other films and shows. Among the things you can expect to see hitting stores are new action figures (included the much-in-demand Black Series figures), vehicles, plushes, new books such as “Phasma” and “ Leia: Princess Of Alderaan” (expect reviews of both titles in the near future), Funko Pops, board games, clothing, Lego sets, Hot Wheels, bedspreads, and a whole lot more. Additionally, there’s a lot of not yet revealed items as a lot of them are being kept secret until the clock strikes midnight. If you want to get in on the fun, Target and Toys “R” Us are holding midnight sales at select stores. Check their individual websites for more details.

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