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Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 Wishlist

A new Star Wars Celebration Europe kicks off a four day event in London tomorrow. Naturally, speculation is running wild as to what all will be announced, but below I have singled out 10 things that would be great to hear about.

1. New Star Wars Movie Announcements- The last Star Wars movie came out in 2019 and since then we have heard rumblings about new films but have yet to get any firm details about future films. Rumor has it three movies will be revealed. Fingers crossed. 

2. “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Season 2- With cast members being present at the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” panel, Might there be a season 2 announcement? 

3. “Ahsoka” Trailer- “Ahsoka” is likely the next TV series and it’s a safe assumption that we will finally get a full trailer.

4. “Star Wars: The Bad Batch”- Now that season 2 has wrapped, hopefully an official confirmation of season 3 will occur. 

5. “Star Wars: Skeleton Crew”- Perhaps the most curious upcoming live-action series is this “Goonies” esque adventure series. It’s highly probable a first look will come out of this convention. 

6. “Andor”- Even though season 2 is currently filming, there’s a chance something from the forthcoming second and final season will be shown.

7. Star Wars: The High Republic Phase 3- Phase 2 is even better than the first, but what’s in store for Phase 3? Something tells me we’ll get more details from The High Republic panel.

8. Lucasfilm Publishing- Anytime there’s a Lucasfilm Publishing panel, everyone is hoping for new book reveals and this is no exception. It would be nice to see a new book tied into one of the live-action or animated series especially.

9. Marvel Comics- For the comic lovers out there, let’s hope Marvel announces new SW comic series.

10. New Show- There’s several series in the works, but might we get an announcement about a show going into production? Perhaps “Lando” or maybe something we have yet to hear about?


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