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Star Wars: The High Republic: Cataclysm Book Review

“Star Wars: The High Republic: Cataclysm” is nothing short of eventful.

Set after the events of “Star Wars: The High Republic: The Battle Of Jedha,” “Star Wars: The High Republic: Cataclysm” deals with the aftermath of that battle. The Path of the Open Hand cult leader The Mother has fled back to Dalna and has sent Path members Binnot and Goi on a mission to reignite the warbetween E’Ronoh and Eiram via a bioweapon. She also demands that Binnot break Axel Greylark out of prison. But wait, there’s more. Other key subplots involve E’Ronoh and Eiram representatives/married couple Xiri and Phan-tu, Jedi Gella and Orin venturing off to interrogate Axel (who works for the Path), Axel’s mother Chancellor Greylark, Jedi Aida and Creighton who travel to Dalna to investigate the Path alongside Master Yaddle, Jedi Youngling Cippa, and 2 Republic guards (Priv and Lu), Jedi Master Char-Ryl-Roy and his Padawan Enya Keen who initially go to Eiram to investigate communication issues. Eventually though, all of these characters end up on Dalna where a war is about to break out. 

Author Lydia Kang steps into The High Republic universe to continue this epic Phase 2 story and her work is seamless. It’s as if she’s been writing every Phase 2 novel up to this point. Hopefully, we’ll see more from her down the road. Anyway, if “The Battle Of Jedha” story had your blood pumping, you’ll be all in on ‘Cataclysm’ as the war against the Path is massive in scale. While it may run a bit too long in page form (it’s roughly ⅓ of the novel), there’s so many characters running around in this war that it’s easy to see why it took up so much space. Not only is there plenty of action (by land and by air), but the stakes are very high. Some characters may or may not make it out alive. 

As the cover suggests, this is also a big Axel Greylark centric story. The character made quite an impression in ‘Convergence’ and in ‘Cataclysm’ we see his arc develop more. His mother (the Chancellor) also plays a key part in Axel’s storyline. 

For longtime Star Wars fans, you’ll be happy to know that 2 familiar faces get the spotlight here with Master Yaddle and Master Yoda. Yaddle’s lengthy inclusion was a welcome surprise and it’s nice to see even more of the character as of late (including her appearance in the “Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi” animated series). As for Yoda, who can get enough of the beloved character? His presence always elevates any story. 

As has been the case with all of Phase 2, The Path of the Open Hand arc continues to be engrossing. There are even more disturbing revelations about the Path cult in ‘Cataclysm’ with more to come to be sure. And yes, for those wondering, the nasty Leveler does appear on a few occasions. 


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