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10 Recommended Horror Films Part 2

2 years ago I posted a list of 10 recommended horror films (link here: https://dvdcorner.net/2020/10/31/10-recommended-horror-films/). Given that today is Halloween, now felt like the right time for a follow up. There won’t be any standard picks here like “Halloween” or “Night Of The Living Dead.” Instead, I wanted to spotlight 10 underrated or overlooked recent horror films that deserve the spotlight. On with the spooky list!

1. Terrifier- The sequel may be in theaters now (which was sadly a bloated disappointment), but the first installment in what is sure to become a new franchise easily stands as one of the best (and most gruesome) slashers of the past 20 years. 

2. Lake Mungo- A chilling horror movie about loss and grief that feels like a real documentary.

3. Pyewacket- Considering witch movies are all the rage right now, it’s downright puzzling why this obscure gem hasn’t found the right audience yet. 

4. One Cut Of The Dead- Even though a remake now exists, the original is the one to see. If you’re frustrated by the beginning, stick with it as it all makes sense in the end. A truly original and funny horror-comedy.

5. The Reef- Forget about the sequel and check out one of the very best shark movies.

6. Them- An unbearably tense film about a couple being terrorized (by what I won’t say).

7. Host- The less you know going into this one the better. This pandemic era made horror film is positively freaky.

8. Frozen- No, not the Disney movie. This one finds 3 people stranded on a ski lift. Equal parts intense and heartbreaking.

9. Haunt- Are you a sucker for movies about haunted attractions? Then this one’s for you. 

10. Unfriended- Screen horror is underrated! It challenges filmmakers to be creative and to think outside of the box. Although there is a sequel (which is worth checking out), this Blumhouse title doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough for whatever reason.


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