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10 Recommended Horror Films

With today being Halloween, I thought I’d write up a list of 10 horror movies to check out for this holiday. These titles aren’t the obvious ones like “Halloween,” “Scream,” “Friday The 13th” or what have you but rather underrated titles that deserve more attention. On with the spooky list!

1. Hell House LLC- Although it kind of falls apart in the end, the first entry in this found footage horror movie franchise delivers some genuinely scary moments that stick with you.

2. Murder Party- Before director Jeremy Saulnier went on to make “Blue Ruin” and “Green Room,” he directed this fun horror comedy that is set on Halloween day.

3. Better Watch Out- Although this could be featured on a Christmas list too, this horror version of “Home Alone” is one of the best horror flicks of the past decade.

4. Hell Fest- A fresh slasher film that takes place in a Halloween Horror Nights esque attraction. In a perfect world, this would become the next big horror franchise.

5. Excision- A twisted character study of a young woman who dreams of becoming a surgeon. This should have made AnnaLynne McCord a star.

6. Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon- Another horror film that deserved a franchise. This one is a clever deconstruction of slashers and slasher killers. 

7. The Final Girls- Another horror-comedy about slasher killers? What can I say, they appeal to me. Plus, they just happen to be some of the best horror films of the past decade!

8. Sleep Tight- An intense and disturbing Spanish horror-thriller that has flown under the radar.

9. The Nightmare- A chilling documentary about sleep paralysis that features artfully made reenactments. 

10. WNUF Halloween Special- A spot on parody of 80’s commercialism, news programs, VHS, and satanic panic that even delivers some creepy moments.

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