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What’s Being Released In November 2020?

With the holidays approaching, there are plenty of hot items coming in the movie, music, and book realms. Of course, there are also some major TV show releases as well as a few movies scheduled to be released for Awards Season consideration (whatever that will be this year). Below I have listed the 10 titles that I am eager to check out the second they are released. On with the list!

1. Ready Player Two- Author Ernest Cline’s hotly anticipated follow-up to “Ready Player Two” is coming just in time for the holidays on November 24.

2. V For Vendetta 4K- Remember, remember the 3rd of November (that’s when the 4K is out).

3. Hillbilly Elegy- Ron Howard’s new Netflix film looks to be a real Awards contender. November 24.

4. Neil Young Archives Volume 2: 1972-1976- The first volume was an astonishing overview of the early years of his career with various bands. I’m looking forward to hearing the musical journey that this second set offers up November 20.

5. Elvis Presley- From Elvis In Nashville- A new 4 disc compilation from the Nashville “marathon sessions” as it is known. November 20.

6. Moonbase 8- A new Showtime comedy series with John C. Reilly? I’m already on board. November 8.

7. Animaniacs- Narf! The beloved 90s toon has been resurrected by Hulu and is set to be released November 20.

8. Jimi Hendrix- Live In Maui- Hendrix’s 1970 concert gets a new CD and LP release along with an accompanying documentary titled “Music, Money, Madness…Jimi Hendrix In Maui.” November 20.

9. Smashing Pumpkins- Cyr- The 90s alt rock legends return with a new 20 track album. November 27

10. Saved By The Bell- It’s time to go back to Bayside High November 25 on Peacock. 

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