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What’s Being Released In April 2022?

May-August has traditionally been the summer entertainment season, but as of late, April has become a month for major releases. That is certainly the case in April 2022 which sees the release of big movies (in theaters and on streaming), new albums, the return of TV favorites, potential new TV favorites, and some high profile home video releases. Narrowing it down to 10 was tough this month, but the selections below have something for everyone. 

1. Apollo 10 ½- One of the best modern filmmakers (Richard Linklater) returns to the world of animation with this already acclaimed Netflix film set for release April 1.

2. Morbius- The Sony Spider-Man universe introduces a new comic character to the big screen. Let’s hope it doesn’t bite. April 1 in theaters.

3. Better Call Saul- It’s been nearly 2 years since season 5 wrapped. Thankfully, the sixth and final season (which is being split into 2 separate release schedules) kicks off April 18 on AMC.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog 2- Not only was the first a pleasant surprise, but it turned out to be one of the best video game movies to date. Will the sequel follow suit? April 8.

5. Jack White: Fear Of The Dawn- 4 years after “Boarding House Ranch,” Jack White returns with the first of two new albums scheduled for this year on April 8th.

6. Billy The Kid- A new western series about the infamous outlaw. I’m all in. April 24th on Epix.

7. Barry- Long awaited returns seem to be quite the pattern this month. It’s been 3 years since one of TV’s best comedies last aired, but the Bill Hader starrer returns April 24th for a third season.

8. The Offer- Paramount+ is making viewers an offer they can’t refuse in the form of “The Offer” (a biodrama about the making of “The Godfather”). April 28.

9. Outer Range- This new Amazon series starring Josh Brolin is shrouded in mystery, but it looks like “Yellowstone” with a potential sci-fi (or horror or both?) twist. April 15.

10. Spider-Man: No Way Home 4K UHD- The biggest film of 2021 swings its way into the home video market on 4K (and Blu-ray and DVD) April 12.


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