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10 Most Anticipated TV Series Of 2021

Although there are bound to be plenty of yet to be announced TV series and or surprises, there is already a lot to look forward to in terms of series that we know are on the horizon. In no specific order (well, except for number one), I have listed ten series that I will surely be watching the second they drop. On with the list!

1. The Book Of Boba Fett- is it December 2021 yet? To say I can’t wait for this “The Mandalorian” spin-off series is an understatement. 

2. Loki- There are a ton of MCU series to look forward to in 2021 with “WandaVision,” “The Falcon And Winter Soldier,” “Ms. Marvel” and “Hawkeye.” Truth be told, I could conceivably put all of those on this list, but I opted to only go with one. The wild trailer for “Loki” really caught my eye and it’s quite possible this could be the most buzzworthy MCU series of the year.

3. Godzilla Singular Point- A new Godzilla anime series that also has Jet Jaguar? I’m sold.

4. Y: The Last Man- One of my all-time favorite comic book series is finally making its way to the small screen after years of development hell. You might say I’m excited.

5. Cobra Kai Season 3- After a lengthy wait, season 3 is coming right out of the gate in 2021 on New Year’s Day.

6. Justice League: The Snyder Cut- The much hyped new version of JL is perhaps one of 2021’s most curious events. Will this version make us forget the Whedon one? Will this be the ultimate superhero team-up? Will this be Snyder’s best DC work yet? We’ll find out.

7. Foundation- One of 2021’s most ambitious TV series is sure to be this adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s classic sci-fi series.

8. Beavis And Butt-Head- One of the all-time great animated series is set to return on Comedy Central. Considering all that has happened in the world since the show was last on the air, I have a feeling Mike Judge will have a lot of ideas to explore in this new iteration. 

9. Pacific Rim: The Black- The franchise returns with a new anime series. I’m ready for more Jaeger v Kaiju action.

10. The Nevers- This original HBO series has been in the works for years so I’ll be curious to see if pans out.

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