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10 Most Anticipated Fall/Winter 2020 Films

WW Widow

This list might be entirely pointless given that some of these movies may be delayed until 2021. Then again, some of these movies might/will actually come out in theaters or via streaming. Below, I have listed 10 movies from September to December that I hope we get to see. Keep in mind there could be new movies announced from here on out for the rest of the year, but, for now, these are the cream of the crop. 

  1. Dune- If I had to only choose one movie to see this year, it would be this one. “Dune” is my favorite novel and I am aching to see how Denis Villeneueve adapts it.


  1. No Time To Die- As a Bond fan (to put it gently), I have been dying to see this one for years now. Let’s hope Daniel Craig goes out on a high note as Bond.


  1. Black Widow- It feels like eons since the last MCU film and I’m more than ready for Phase 4.


  1. Wonder Woman 1984- This one goes without saying as this is one hotly anticipated sequel. 


  1. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things- Always down to see what Charlie Kaufman has up his sleeve.


  1. Tenet- I’m not as high on Christopher Nolan as some, but this mystery film has been hyped so much I can’t help but be curious to see how it all pans out. 


  1. Soul- A new Pixar film is always worth looking forward to. 


  1. The Trial Of The Chicago 7- This one we will for sure be seeing soon as Netflix purchased this star studded Aaron Sorkin film.


  1. The Devil All The Time- Netflix original films tend to be, well, generally awful, but with a cast like this, it’s hard not to hold out some hope that this one might be a hit.


  1. West Side Story- I don’t know why this remake is being made nor do I know why Steven Spielberg is directing it, but I’m curious to see how it turns out. It has to be better than “Cats”…right?

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