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Jett Season 1 DVD Review


Carla Gugino shines in “Jett.”

In the 9 episode first (and only?) season of the Cinemax series, the story revolves around the titular Jett (full name Daisy “Jett” Kowalski). The fresh out of prison thief mastermind Jett is attempting to live a normal life as a single mother, but that doesn’t quite pan out for her as she gets roped back into a life of crime by a crime boss (Charlie) to steal a ring from another crime lord (Mijan Bestic). In order to do this, she needs the help of her partner/safecracker (Quinn). Alas, nothing seems to go as planned as she ends up doing more jobs and has to maintain her daughter’s safety. Along the way, numerous subplots begin to form involving gang wars, Charlie’s son Junior, Bernie (Charlie’s henchman), 2 detectives, Phoenix (an ex-con acquaintance of Jett’s), and a fixer named Evans.

Created by Sebastian Gutierrez  (who also wrote and directed every episode), “Jett” starts out quite promising with an intense, stylized, and very adult pilot that blends the action, crime-drama and neo-noir genres together in one fast-paced violent package. Unfortunately, the rest of the series doesn’t quite maintain that momentum. Whenever Jett is on screen, the series soars as her strong, badass, calculating, and edgy character grabs your attention from the get go. The problem is when she’s not on screen the series suffers and becomes bogged down by other character plots that leave you wanting to see Jett on screen again. There’s too much going on in this show at times with the big ensemble, flashbacks, and the standard genre twists and turns sprinkled about. What’s even more frustrating is that this season could be all we get to see leaving viewers with an unfinished story and a cliffhanger.

Going back to Jett, the always underrated Carla Gugino absolutely crushes it in the role. It almost feels like this was a role written just for her as you can’t imagine anyone else in it. It’s always great to see her get a starring showcase like this. It should happen way more than it does. Outside of Gugino, the consistently awesome Giancarlo Esposito stands out as Charlie. Is he sort of typecast here? A bit, but who cares? He’s good at what he does!


Presentation: 2.40:1. How does it look? A nice crisp standard definition transfer. It’s a shame this wasn’t on Blu-ray though.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1? Expect a lively 5.1 track.

Extras: None.

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