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10 More Great Live Albums

Grateful Petty

As the year drags on (and boy is it ever dragging), my journey with live albums continues. Granted, I am mostly listening to Phish, DMB and Grateful Dead shows these days, but there’s plenty of other live albums/shows I’m digging into as well. Below I have listed 10 more great live albums I recommend checking out…especially if you’re hankering for live music. 

  1. Grateful Dead- Cornell 5/8/77- The Dead are known for their live shows and this 1977 show is often cited as one of their best (if not their best). It’s a great starting point for those wanting to see what this band is all about too.


  1. The Who- Live at Leeds- The Who in their prime. Need I say more?


  1. Tom Petty- The Live Anthology- Having seen Petty live twice (RIP), I can attest to the fact he put on a great show. This box set release containing nearly 4 hours of assorted Petty live music is a must listen. Not only do you get the hits, but you get amazing covers of “Friend of the Devil,” “Green Onions,” and the “Goldfinger” theme.”


  1. Radiohead- I Might Be Wrong- Radiohead is arguably one of the most celebrated bands of the past 30 years and their live shows are equally praised. You can get a taste of that experience with this 2001 live album.


  1. Led Zeppelin- How The West Was Won- For whatever reason, there are few Zeppelin live album releases thus far, but this gem is far and away the best to date. 


  1. Phish- Walnut Creek- Peak Phish.


  1. Alice In Chains- MTV Unplugged- Easily one of the best MTV Unplugged shows and a fantastic representation of how talented this band really was when Layne Staley was the lead.


  1. R.E.M.- Live At Olympia- 2 hours and 31 minutes of pure gold from a band that I wish was still around. 


  1. Bob Marley- Live!- See how electric the reggae artist was on stage with this epic live album.


  1. Tenacious D- Tenacious D Live- Sure, Tenacious D shows tend to be quite visual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their unique brand of comedy rock.


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