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10 Recommended Arrow Video Blu-rays

robo Jackal

Today I thought I’d give the spotlight to a flourishing label- Arrow Video. More specifically, the Arrow Video USA and Arrow Academy imprints. Below I have listed 10 titles from numerous genres that are well worth picking up. Here we go…

  1. Creepshow 2- Sure, the original is a horror masterpiece, but the sequel is nearly as good thanks to the thrilling “The Raft” segment.


  1. Robocop- Simply put, a Paul Verhoeven sci-fi classic. The disc is incredible too!


  1. Hellraiser- This horror film has such sights to show you…


  1. Dead or Alive Trilogy- Whether you are a Takashi Miike fan or are interested in experiencing the work of the prolific director, you can’t go wrong with this affordably priced box set.


  1. The Crazies- A deeply underrated George A. Romero film. The remake is surprisingly good too!


  1. The Big Clock- A good old fashioned classic film noir.


  1. 12 Monkeys- This Bruce Willis and Brad Pit starring sci-fi film is among Terry Gilliam’s best.


  1. The Day of The Jackal- The original 1973 film is a top tier thriller.


  1. The Apartment- Easily the best film on this entire list. A perfect film and a perfect Billy Wilder film!


  1. Man Of A Thousand Faces- I’m not usually one to champion biopics, but this 1957 James Cagney starring film about Lon Chaney is a tour de force.

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