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Taz-Mania Season 3 DVD


“Taz-Mania” is a blast from the past.

In the 13 episode third season of the 90s toon “Taz-Mania,” the show revolves around everyone’s favorite food consuming, spinning, spitting and often not understandable Tasmanian Devil (AKA Taz). Taz (who first appeared in “Looney Tunes”) isn’t the only character here though as the entire Taz family shares the small screen alongside him including Jean (mother), Hugh (father that hilariously sounds like Bing Crosby), Molly (sister), Jake (brother), Dog (pet turtle), and Drew (uncle). There’s a host of supporting characters too such as Willie Wombat, Francis, The Platypus Brothers, Bull Gator, Axl, Wendal T. Wolf, Dingo, Constance, and Bushwhacker Bob (Taz’s boss).

Story wise, viewers get to see the bad luck ridden Taz working as a bellhop at Hotel Tazmania along with episodes (which can either be stand-alone stories or contain 2-3 stories) about ballet classes, a flea, Bushrats, a camping trip, Taz stuck at home in a cast, Willie Wombat (AKA Taz’s foil), an eaten birthday cake mystery, a blob monster, a mountain climb, a TV outage, Taz singing, a submarine order, a sick Taz, Christmas gifts and more.

As a child of the 80s and 90s, I grew up watching “Taz-Mania.” The series (which debuted in 1991) was a sort of proto “Animaniacs” with its fourth wall breaks, zany antics, sight gags, self-referential humor, a huge cast of characters, a highly memorable and catchy opening credit song, and so forth. While not on the level of an “Animaniacs,” it is a fun show regardless. It’s nice to see a different than usual “Looney Tunes” character get the spotlight and it’s even more refreshing to see characters in his inner circle (including family and friends). Taz’s father Hugh (who sounds hilariously like Bing Crosby) particularly steals the show whenever he’s on screen and The Platypus Brothers are nothing short of amusing.

Episode wise, there’s some gems here including “Devil Indemnity” which finds Taz’s mom filling in for him at work and a charming holiday themed season finale with “No Time For Christmas.” 

It should be noted this series boasts all-star voice talents with Jim Cummings, Maurice LaMarche, and Rob Paulsen. If you don’t recognize these names, you should. They’ve practically done every character you’ve loved for the past 30 years plus. They’re that good.


Presentation: 1.33:1. How does it look? It looks as it did on TV.  No restoration here.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo. How does it sound? A passable audio track. No more, no less.

No extras.


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